Season 10 Episode 14

The Ultimate Shock

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 15, 2005 on CBS
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Tom, Ian, Katie and Jenn are the final four. To celebrate, they are given a big breakfast as Tree Mail. After Tom wins a very physically demanding Immunity Challenge, the tribe gather together and tell Jenn she is being voted out. But before Tribal Council, Jenn tells Tom if Ian had won he was out, which completely shocks Tom, making him think Jenn shouldn't be the one to leave. After two rounds of voting Jenn and Ian are tied and go on to a fire-starter tie-breaker. Ian wins the tie-breaker and Jenn leaves the final four. After getting back to camp, Tom and Katie argue with Ian over the truth about his voting intentions. After getting Tree Mail, the Final Three acknowledge all those previously voted off castaways and then head over to their final Immunity Challenge. After standing on a bouy for 11 hours and 55 minutes, Ian tells Tom he will give up immunity only if he takes Katie to the final two in exchange for their friendship back. Tom agrees and forgives Ian. The next morning, Tom and Katie create a bon fire using their picnic table and face the jury and their questions.moreless

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  • Just bizarre...

    Very unconventional and strange conclusion to Palau. First we get a fire-duel when Ian is ratted out and Tom flips. There was a lot of drama and I think it is the prime example of how Tom really does not deserve a position on the Heroes tribe 10 seasons from now.

    I wish Jenn had made the fier and won - it would have thrown a wrench in everything.

    And here we are at the Final 3 Immunity hchallenge - what drama! I just couldn't believe my eyes. Ian threw a million dollars away. If Ian thought Tom and Katie would not be friends with him afterwards, then they do not dserve his friendship - he was just playing the game. Honesty, it just infuriates me that he threw it all away. I think he could have won it...

    Once that all happened, I think the outcome was clear. Katie was never going to win it. I'm just glad it wasn't a 7-0 vote - that would have been tragic for Tom to have won unanimously since he is infuriating.

    I just can't believe the conclusion...moreless
  • Ian wins friendship over money

    I thought even though he threw a million dollars away. Ian was a class-act to save his friendship with Tom. Than go against him for the million.

    I was surprised that Katie got a vote out of eight votes. Seven voted for Tom of course. But Ian thought it was better to sacrifice the million in order to be friends with Tom. Friendship lasts forever while money may dwindle.
Jennifer Lyon

Jennifer Lyon

Herself (Season 10 - 4th Place) (6th Juror)

Jeff Probst

Jeff Probst


Ashlee Ashby

Ashlee Ashby

Herself (Season 10 - 2nd Voted Out)

Bobby Jon Drinkard

Bobby Jon Drinkard

Himself (Season 10 - 9th Voted Out)

Caryn Groedel

Caryn Groedel

Herself (Season 10 - 14th Voted Out) (5th Juror)

Coby Archa

Coby Archa

Himself (Season 10 - 10th Voted Out) (1st Juror)

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

    • Tom is only the fourth married contestant to ever win the game, joining Tina Wesson, Brian Heidik, and Sandra Diaz-Twine. He is also only the third father (three children) to win, along with Richard Hatch (son) and Brian (son).

    • Tom's win means there are now an equal amount of male and female winners (5 male winners and 5 female winners). Tom is also the fourth castaway to win the final immunity challenge and then win the game. It is also the first time that two men have won "Survivor" in a row.

    • With the tie at the Final Four Tribal Council between Jennifer and Ian, this marks the 3rd tie of the season for Palau, the most ties in a season in Survivor history.

    • At 11 hours and 55 minutes, the final Immunity Challenge in this episode is the longest challenge ever.

    • Including the two Individual Immunities from this episode, Tom becomes the castaway with the most combined wins for an Immunity Challenge (tribal and individual) with 12 total challenges (7 tribal and 5 individual wins). He also is now tied with Colby (season 2) for the most individual immunity wins (5).

    • This was the first season since the Outback season not to have a female win an individual immunity challenge. This season also had the fewest (two, Tom and Ian) individual immunity winners of any season thus far.

    • This episode marks the first time in the history of Survivor that a contestant is verbally voted off without a torch or vote tally. It is also the first time a Tribal Council was held at the Immunity Challenge location, when Ian decided to leave the game in order to win back the friendship of Katie and Tom, which he lost by saying a stupid comment.

    • Following the end of this season, in June 2005, the Outdoor Life Network gained the rights to air cable re-run episodes of the first ten seasons of Survivor, the first network to do so.

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  • NOTES (4)

    • In front of a live audience, Tom wins the most jury votes – more than Katie, who becomes the runner-up.

    • Tom wins the first immunity and Jenn is forced to leave the tribe after losing a tie-breaker.

    • Tom wins the second Immunity Challenge and verbally votes out Ian, leaving him and Katie in the final two.

    • Not once, but twice this season, two contestants have been eliminated in a single episode and neither one's expulsion was the result of a Tribal Council vote. Jonathan and Wanda were eliminated in the first episode by not being picked. In this episode, Jennifer lost a fire-building challenge after a tie vote and Ian was eliminated after agreeing to be verbally voted off by Tom after the Immunity Challenge.