Season 23 Episode 14

Then There Were Five

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 14, 2011 on CBS

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  • The Former Upolu Tribe Members Turn Against Each Other

    Hands down the best episode of the season. It's a thrill to see everybody's emotions run wild. How great was Coach's reaction to Brandon choosing Rick to have pizza with? The confrontatrion between Albert and the rest of the tribe was a classic moment in "Survivor" history. What ended this episode well was yet another terrific Tribal Council. Apparently Brandon did not learn from the mistake of a former contestant named Erik. Coach showed his true colors when he turned against his former ally. It has certainly set up what looks to be an excellent finale. In the end, I am still routing for Ozzy. However he may have met his match.
  • I have to dis agree with amazing_race and SueCub....

    I have to dis agree with amazing_race and SueCub.... First of all, I want Ozzy back in the game. If he can land himself on the final 3, I am pretty sure he will be crowned the "Sole Survivor". I wanted Ozzy to win since Cook Island (Aitu 4). Too bad for Ozzy, there was Yul, undeniably made one of the "biggest" move in Survivor history and claimed the titled of "Sole Survivor" in Cook Island. I think Ozzy is in his element now.

    As for Brandon... BrandonBrandonBrandon..... before this episode, I totally agree with SueCub. But not after this episode? Can't you see the real vulnerable Brandon with no mask. Just the honest him?

    Indeed an EPIC episode!!!!
  • Haven't seen yet....BUT

    I totally agree with GabrielHaze...Brandon is NOT what I call a Christian. He has continued throughout the entire show to be uncharitable and nasty to certain players and then sits back and says he's sorry and expects that to erase his bad behavior??? Brandon...haven't you heard the saying "Actions speak louder than words?" And don't think I'm a basher cause I'm a Christian. He's one of those people who puts a cloud over other Christian's heads.

    I'm also not a big fan of Ozzie. I agree with amazing_race...he is too arrogant for me.
  • Completely epic! (Possible spoilers ahead!)

    Wow, this was one insane episode of Survivor, and I thoroughly enjoyed it! I can't believe everything that happened.

    Firstly, I was immensely disappointed that Edna lost on Redemption, but I think it was kinda obvious that she would lose, after the preview they showed last week. Still though, I'm really upset about that, and I really want Ozzy to lose, as he is so unbelieveably arrogant.

    The Immunity Challenge was really great! It has to be one of my favourites from this particularl season. It involved stamina, strength but also mental acuity, so it was a great combination of everything!

    I was so surprised that Brandon gave up the Immunity necklace. I would never give up a 1 in 4 chance at a million dollars, and I was stunned by the move.

    However, I sincerely hope he can knock off Ozzy at Redemption, and return, not because I particularly want him to win (although I wouldn't mind) but because I don't want Ozzy to get back in.

    I'd like Coach to win, and if not him, then Albert. I haven't really considered Rick as a jury threat, but if he somehow won, I'd be happy. I've just become a little disillusioned with Sophie lately. I disliked her at the beginning, but then I started liking her as we got to Episode 5 or 6, but now I'm not fond of her any more.

    Should be interesting, and I can't wait for the finale, but luckily, it is not a long wait! :)
  • In response to THATH

    Seriously? Are you smoking something every time you get done watching an episode of Survivor? Brandon literally made several ill choices, including making Whitney to look like some horrible person based on his own insecurity and inability to keep his sexual prowess at bay. In return you call him a man of God? I am no "anti-Christian", I am however "anti-hypocritical", and any man, no matter what his faith who perpetuates hypocrisy, does not deserve your praise (or anyone else for that matter). Sophe may be an Atheist, and therefore a "enemy" in your eyes, but she has been consistent, honest and played very well with a crap load of integrity.

    Wake up!!!!
  • Good(God) guys often lose.

    I have seen this all to often. Christian with conscience sacrifices for friend or team or community or nation. Christian sacrifice sometimes includes loss of money and life. This not a game to us rather it is our lifelong comittment. Brandon is definately in a better place now.
  • I'm over it.

    So tired of all the "god" crap, they blame god for everything. yet they still play the game without being so godlike. Get people in there that act like normal people, so sick of all the weirdos. Also, make people wear clothes, also sick of seeing them all try to show off their not so great bodies. They are there to play a game!! Either go back to being the survivor you used to be or take it off tv cuz we're sick of seeing this crap. (so glad to see brandon go, he certainly deserved it.)
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