Season 26 Episode 3

There's Gonna Be Hell To Play

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 27, 2013 on CBS

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  • The Fans continue to fall apart, yet at Tribal Council they (again) fail to do the very thing that could help them right their sinking ship.

    Unfortunately, this edition of "Survivor" seems to be getting one sided in the sense that one tribe will dominate the other now that the Favorites have an advantage. The Fans are just unbelievable. It's almost like they are trying to fail. I know that cutting Shamar loose will not automatically fix everything wrong with their tribe, but he is causing major problems among the tribe, is lazy, which is very odd for a man who spent many years in an occupation that does not exactly tolerate laziness, and is always complaining despite the fact that he does nothing and has nothing to complain about. Shamar's talk about quitting the game was just plain stupid. He should know by now what "Survivor" entails. Anybody who does not know that who wants to play the game is an idiot. Phillip is, well Phillip. An arrogant pain in the ass. Nothing more needs to be said there. I hope that in the next episode the Fans can get their act together not because I want them to win, but because it will make the season more interesting.
  • Fans are had a real opportunity to flush the idol and vote Reynold and they chose to do only half of that.

    The only good part about this episode was seeing Brandon winning Immunity for the Favorites and avoid being possibly eliminated...

    In connection to the Fans, they disappoint greatly, in the sense that they have issues with planning...

    When Shamar let's Hope know of the plan, Julia convinced Reynold that Shamar was going to be voted out and this made him be more instead of using this and try to vote him and his idol out they just got Hope that ***ed?

    A disappointment was not seeing Brenda vocal at is in Brandon's group and facing elimination and not doing anything about Malcolm finds the idol...

    Looking forward to a superstar with Russell, Malcolm and Colton.
  • Interesting.

    Perhaps not quite as great as the last two, but this episode was nonetheless interesting.

    There was some very interesting scheming and developments at the Bikal tribe, that's for sure. I love Andrea so much!

    But the epiosde was focussed on the other tribe! Shamar was just so unbelievably annoying. Just needs to go home - one way or snother - it would make me very happy to see the back of him.

    The hour before Tribal Council was interesting, but I wasn't too surprised with the vote, to be honest, but I am curious to see where this tribe goes next, because the outsiders are also the strongest at challenges...