Season 19 Episode 15

This Game Ain't Over

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 20, 2009 on CBS

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  • Russelll Proves He is a Sore Loser!

    I am so glad that Natalie won. Sure she may have ridden on Russell's coattails. But the strong women like Marisa and Betsy got voted out due to being strong. And Russell couldn't tolerate it. And Natalie kept quiet and acted like she was riding on his coattails. Only to have Russell get bitten in the rear by his macho and arrogant attitude. Russell may have been the best villian that Survivor has ever had. But he was the most entertaining one. Despite being a jerk. Mick sadly didn't get no votes due to people thinking that he really didn't lead, true. If Brett one the last immunity, he would had won by a landslide. He came out of nowhere to win the nearly last three immunity challenges. Only to lose in the last one by Russell. Can't wait for Heroes vs Villians to begin.
  • Russell is the sole Survivor!!

    Russell is the sole Survivor!!

    He played the Idol that led "Foa Foa" to the "victory", he convinced John to flip, found 3 idols, he did all the dirty work that others like Natalie followed and, at last, he won the last immunity challenge (Natalie and Mick...), if he hadn't won Brett would have won instead. Isn't that a Winner? Worst jury ever, they're the sore losers not Russell. They can't stand that Russell played way better than they did and so they voted against him... I believe that besides Shambo the other vote was John's, and it's easy to understand why, he is an intelligent person and saw that Russell was the only one who deserved to win.

    Russell outwitted, outplayed and outlasted everyone!
  • Great season, terrific outcome!

    The episode was a very interesting one, for more reasons than one. I couldn't believe that Brett kept surviving by winning another immunity!

    I also loved the two challenges, particularly the balancing one, and I thought Brett would just keep winning!

    I was overall, extremely happy with who we got in the Final Three, and I think the Tribal Council made the best possible decision.

    I also loved the walk and look back at previous contestants and the throwing of the masks. Good touch.

    Overall, this was definitely a fitting end to a great season. The smartest player might not have won, but my favorite sure did!

    I hope that we get more great episodes, and I highly recommend this one!
  • I think Natalie deserved the money. I think there are many reasons why Russel did not win.

    A lot of people say Russel deserved the money and the title of sole survivor because he played the game the most aggressively and pretty much dominated the game since day one. While Russel did play the game the best, Natalie apparently had the best strategy: Fly under the radar and ''coattail'' the guy everyone DOESN'T like, so when the final tribal council comes, the jury's resentment will be directed towards the guy who lied, blindisded, and backstabbed everyone to advance himself further in the game. Natalie's strategy may not have been as offensive and as powerful as Russel's, but it turned out to be more effective than Russels simple plan of ''Blindside EVERYBODY until I get to the finals.'' Some people say Natalie did nothing and just got lucky; I firmly disagree. She used Russel as a scapegoat so he would take the blame for all the lying, blindsides, etc, while she sat pretty, playing the weak, innocent, non-threatening blonde and gained popularity with the jury. She outwitted the so called ''Best player in survivor history.'' Thats why I think she deserved the money and the title of sole survivor.

    Russel did things day by day; Natalie had her plan set since day one. At the final tribal council, Russel was bragging about all he did in the game and how he earned his spot in the final 3. Russel made a very good argument. However, what he was BASICALLY saying was, ''I was the one responsible for lying to, blindising, backstabbing, and ultimately taking 1 million dollars out of each and every pair of hands in that jury; Thats why I deserve the money.'' Russel did not say this in so many words, but thats what he was implying, pretty much. Russel did not realize that some people WILL hold grudges when you take a one-in-a-lifetime shot at 1 million dollars away from them. Bragging about dominating the game is just like saying ''I ruined your chances at 1 million dollars, so give ME 1 million dollars.'' At the final tribal council, Russel made valid points as to why he deserved the money, but he failed to make points as to why the jury should GIVE it to him. The jury (Namely Erik and Kelly) were disgusted of how much of a dirty game Russel played. They were also displeased at his arrogance. Russel played an extremely good game, but his social characteristics were deplorable. Dominating the game, making empty promises, blindsiding, backstabbing, thats all important for STAYING in the game. But Russel failed at playing a good SOCIAL game, which is the most important aspect when it comes to convincing the jury that you deserve the money. Natalie was able to play a good social game by letting Russel take the blame for everything and take all the bullets, while she remained ''Honest and Innocent'' in the jury's eyes.

    I think Russel made 3 fatal errors which cost him the game: 1. He underestimated the underdog, Natalie. 2.: He did NOTHING to improve his social status with the jury, a very importmant aspect of Survivor. and 3. Russel became too focused on STAYING in the game and he did not anticipate the fact that the jury would most likely hold resentment towards him and look at him as the ''Dirty, rotten snake who ruined what might have been my only chance at 1 million dollars.''

    Bottom line, Russel being the ''bad guy'' throughout the entire season, being a snake, stripping people of a shot at 1 million singlehandly, that was good for staying in the game; It was terrible for convincing all the people he backstabbed to vote for him to be the winner. Natalie, on the other hand, saw who was in control, and aligned herself with him, and as they dominated the game together, he took all the blame while she gained popularity with the jury. Russel played the game the hardest; Natalie played it the smartest. She outsmarted Russel and he didn't even know it. The so called ''Dumb*** girl'' ended up defeating the '' Puppet Master'' , and Natalie deserved the title and the money.
  • The ninteenth edition of "Survivor" ends with one of the best finales in the show's long history. Russell walks into the final days of the game confident that there is no way he could possibly lose. However.....

    After ninteen seasons, "Survivor" is still without a doubt the best reality show on television. I have said in previous reviews that this season has become very predictable and that it was easy to see who would win. I was actually very pleased to see I was wrong. As great a player as Russell is, he certainly proved that overconfidence is a weakness and that being a dirty player can certainly come back to haunt you. I know nobody agrees with me, but I think Natalie deserves a lot of credit. She beat the greatest player in "Survivor" history. Awesome!
  • Even a tough season has a happy ending!

    I'm so glad Natalie won. When Brett didn't win the last immunity challenge, I began rooting for Natalie although I always liked her the entire season. Others might say she didn't do anything in the game but that was her strategy! Be good, not aggressive, ride coattails, let Russell do the dirty work. It worked! I always love when good guys win in the end: Bob of Gabon (although I like Sugar more to win); JT of Tocantins (also like Natalie, riding at Stephen's)

    Russell's upset face is so awesome. I'm glad all the lies, arrogance and bullying backfired him. He made a deal with everyone. He was so greedy. He was so ashamed that one of the 'dumbass girl alliance' beat his ass! I hope that his defeat become a humbling experience for him and for all. At least he won $200000 (for being runner-up and player of the season).

    Yeah strategically, Russell is maybe the best player ever. But one can become strategic by not being bad or evil. Burning socks, spilling water, getting the chicken escaped are not good. I don't even think it made any difference in the game. He shouldn't forget that he can't be in the finals without the support of Natalie, Mick and Jaison.
  • We witnessed a bunch of frustrated people giving the money to someone with 0 merit.Spite was the only element in voting off. Russell is by far the true winner.

    I'd have to say that in my opinion Russell is the real winner by far.
    Mick and Natalie have 0 merit for reaching top 3.
    I think he lost because some people were frustrated they got voted out, such as Erik. He came all there acting like a moralist wolf, when his own people voted him off, he lost the respect of his team by being to cocky.
    I felt Russell's disappointment, and it might be an idea that the title of Survivor and the million dollars be awarded by other system, then by putting it in hands of frustrated people who couldn't outwit, outplay, outlast anything.
    Russell came prepared knowing he will suffer and face insurmountable challenges and he managed to win everything, and his faith was huge and power of ignoring the bad elements such as the weather.
    In my heart and that of a lot of people he is the real winner, and I think he should be awarded a new opportunity in a Survivor All Stars or something to prove, he can beat even the best prepared individual.
    Was amazing to see him winning the last challenge and beating Brett.
    Thumbs up champion.