Season 19 Episode 15

This Game Ain't Over

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 20, 2009 on CBS



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    • Russell: Brett's won two individual immunities, he could possibly win the last two. But, what's two immunities? If Jaison can win two in a row, anyone can win two in a row. That means absolutely nothing to me. So you're telling me he's all of a sudden Superman because he wins two? He's not some superstar to me, you start thinking that, you start getting weak in the mind, thinking you can't beat him, like you're stepping in the ring with Mike Tyson. He's not Mike Tyson, he's Brett.

    • Russell: If Mick or Natalie won this game over me, that would just be a shame. Ya know, it wouldn't make any sense to me. I've played this game strategically better than anybody maybe in history. I really think this jury is gonna put my name down.

    • Natalie: (to Russell) If I'm not meant to win, that's fine. I'm happy with the third.

    • Russell: (after winning the final immunity challenge) I won immunity today. (tugging on immunity necklace) This is worth a million dollars right now. In my mind, I just won the game.

    • Russell: (referring to final immunity challenge) If I win this challenge today, I'm a hundred percent positive that the game is mine, I won the million dollars. Ya know, it's a very interesting position to be in but I love it. This is how I want it to be.

    • Russell: I'm trying to keep Natalie because she's holding on my coattails. Who better to take to the final two than her? There's no way she can beat me in votes.

    • Russell: It's a shame that I'm set up with these bunch of misfits because I should be here with superstars.

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