Season 10 Episode 1

This Has Never Happened Before!

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 17, 2005 on CBS

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  • A New Season; a Great Season

    While I loved this premiere and season as a whole, I'm not giving it as good a ratings as I could have due to the stupid opening twist. I mean, right off the start, two people are guaranteed not to play the game. That is one of the most unfair and worst twists Survivor has ever done. Other than that, it was interesting seeing the tribes meld as one before they started living on separate beaches. A dominate alliance was already brewing in the beginning. And Ulong's choice to vote off their leader was a bad one. Of course, Ulong is remembered as a terrible tribe. Their failure to simply choose an item at the immunity challenge cost them dearly. It lead to their first of many losses. But, more on that later.
  • Interesting start in Palau!

    This season certainly looks promising to watch and the start wasa great one - so many firsts and so much very sincere confusion because nobody knew what was going on for a long time.

    I enjoyed the race to Individual Immunity as well as the drama of having 20 people living together!

    The tribe selection was bizarre and dramatic. Can't believe they exlcuded one of the strongest guys - that was bizarre. Wanda not being chosen was not a surprise even though she seemed like a beautiful character! Shame!

    The boot of Jolana was also surprising and as I viewed her as a strong competitor who could go far. The blue tribe looks physically stronger on paper but in practise they couldn't deliver...

    Looking forward to seeing where this goes!
  • Many firsts.

    The tenth edition of "Survivor" brings us in Palau, an amazing place (if you ask me) where 20 contestants (this has never been done before) arrive and are challenged even before they get off the boat. The episode is fast, interesting and fun.

    We get to meet great people with amazing and weird personalities, of which I can already see some great people. They start off as every other group, but it's all going really fast, and the plotting against people began in a second. The two-people-are-outta-here twist was interesting, and the bad thing about it was to see Wanda and Jonathan's disappointed faces when they left the island.

    The first contest was also interesting. And I was actually glad to see Jolanda out. Don't get me wrong, she is a really strong woman, and the tribe would probably be a lot better with her, but it seems that people didn't like her strong personality, and that's why she was voted off. All in all, this was quite an interesting season premiere. Can't wait to see more.
  • A great start to Survivor: Palau!

    After nine seasons of this show, I only liked the fourth, eighth and ninth season because they presented new twists and they were unforgettable to me! This season however seems to have even more twists! A great group of castaways except for Jolanda in Ulong! Bossy she is! But everything else seemed to be perfect! The whole episode blew me away! It was just so awesome I'd have to say.
    Palau is a wonderful place to have a survivor season! Overall I'm very impressed with this season! Good on you!
  • Very interesting

    I absolutely loved the very first episode. I never knew what was going to happen. I thought Johnathon and Wanda would end up staying somehow, but obviously that wasn't the case. It was kind of unfair, that they traveled thousands of miles just to get there, and then they don't get to play the game at all. I was hoping somehow Ulong would win an immunity challenge and somehow change the game. Koror only ended up voting out 1 person, and Ulong ended up voting out all but 1 person. This was a series with lots of twists and turns and surprises.
  • This was the first episode of the tenth season of Survivor.


    The tenth season of Survivor starts out as Jeff Probst, the host, explains a little about Palau, a group of islands located on the Pacific Ocean. Then he approaches the twenty contestants as they are rowing on a boat and heading for shore. He explains that the game would start now, and that the first man and the first woman to reach shore would earn immunity. The players could start swimming there at any time or row the boat to shore.
    They all decided to row there, except for two impatient people, Stephanie and Jonathan. They were the first to jump out of the boat, but they discovered that the boat was moving faster then they were swimming. Later, everyone jumped off when the boat was close to shore. The two people that were safe were Ian and Jolanda. After everyone congratulated them, they all split off to make the shelter, get water, and try to build a fire.
    The next day, Jeff came and he announced that they were going to be split into tribes. The two people with immunity, Ian and Jolanda, were to pick one person of the opposite sex. Ian picked Katie who picked Tom and so on, and the same with Jolanda. In the end, Ian’s tribe was Koror, while Jolanda’s tribe was Ulong. The two people that weren’t picked were Wanda and Jonathan. The people picked for Ulong were: Bobby Jon, Stephanie, Jeff, Kim, James, Ashlee, Ibreheim, and Angie. The people picked for Koror were: Katie, Tom, Janu, Gregg, Jenn, Coby, Caryn, and Willard. Jeff surprised them when he said that they were all going to stay on the same beach.
    After a while, the two newly formed tribes headed off to their first challenge that was for both reward and immunity. The game was a jungle obstacle course where during the game a tribe could choose to take with them fresh water, flint, food, or a tarp while moving on to complete it. The tribe that won would get the item or items they took and they would be safe from tribal council. It was a very close game until the canoe part where Koror easily beat out Ulong who had some paddling problems. Koror was given flint and the immunity idol. Next, Jeff told them that they could choose to either stay at the beach or go to a different beach and live there. Koror chose the new beach so they also received a map.
    After the challenge, the Koror rowed out to the beach they chose. Unfortunately, their boat flipped over and their fire making supplies dropped to the bottom of the ocean. They couldn’t retrieve it, so they just rowed on.
    At Ulong’s camp, Bobby Jon, Ibreheim, and Jolanda decided to vote for Angie because they thought that she wasn’t very fit. But Stephanie thought that Jolanda was the reason Ulong lost so she convinced the others to vote for Jolanda.
    At tribal council Jeff Probst asked a bunch of questions he usually asked before a tribe voted. Then Ulong got up one by one and they went up to the voting booth and wrote down a name. After the last person voted, Jeff ‘tallied the votes.’ Three people voted for Angie, while six people voted for Jolanda. Jolanda was the first person voted out of Survivor.
  • Ulong worst tribe in Survivor History!

    Loved Palu as I would rank that season in my top five with the original first, Australian Outback second, All-Stars third, and Pearl Islands fourth.
    Glad that they got fireman Tom because I knew for song strange reason, that he would win it all. Right from the very beginning.
    Then it was sad that they got rid of Jonathan as they may had seen him as a threat.
    But they shouldn't had picked Coby at all.
    He was way, way, too much a whiner!
  • A great start to an amazing season.

    This episode was fantastic. The boat trick with the first 2 to shore getting immunity was a brilliant idea, cleverly worded and crafted to fool at least 2 idiots (happily played by Jonathan and Stephenie).

    The pick 'em game was particularly cruel, because not only did the first to leave not get their customary 3 days, they hardly got one! They didn't even get voted out, for Christ's sake! However, it was probably all for the better, because I would have had a huge headache week after week had Wanda not left in the first half-hour. It was sad to see Jonathan go, though. A real Survivor in life.

    I'm not sure if it's better that I write this having now seen the entire season play out, but I definitely had a hunch that after the young and strong Ulong tribe voted out Jolanda, we were in for a tribal domination. Not that I wasn't GLAD that she went instead of Angie. Jolanda is the type of person that, to quote B.B., "If you buy them for what they're worth, and sell them for what they THINK they're worth, you make a million bucks."

    So, I don't necessarily think that the complete domination of Ulong is due to Jolanda's type-A personality being booted so early, and I don't think that voting out Angie instead, or anyone else for that matter, would have mattered, because when you're looking back on the season, there's only one reason why nothing Ulong threw at Koror would work, and I'll give you a hint:

    He's a fireman.