Season 19 Episode 6

This is the Man Test

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 22, 2009 on CBS
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Over on the Galu tribe, the castaways are enduring their fifth straight day of rain. John still believes the tribe's leader Russell made a mistake by choosing pillows instead of a tarp for protection from the rain. Meanwhile, the others think Russell is just working too hard in the rain. On Foa Foa, everyone is also trying to stay dry and warm but Russell thinks his tribemates are showing too much weakness. The next morning the rain stops and Galu are able to wake up to a rainbow across the ocean. The tribes meet for their Reward Challenge and Jeff tells them that both tribes will be going to Tribal Council. During the challenge, Russell on Galu passes out and the medical team is called in to check on him. Jeff makes the decision to end the challenge without a winner and both tribes return to their beach while Russell is examined by the medical team. When Galu returns to their campsite, it starts to rain again, and everyone's mind is on their leader, Russell. Back at the challenge site, the medics take Russell out of the game for safety reasons. On Foa Foa, the tribe is upset knowing that they are going back to Tribal Council. Natalie and Liz both know they are the next to go, but Liz tries to change things around. On Galu, all the girls agree that "Shambo" should go. But the guys think Monica is the weakest on the tribe. At Tribal Council, both tribes meet and discuss the game. Jeff then announces that because of Russell's departure, Tribal Council is cancelled and no one will be voted out.moreless

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  • Packed with drama! A great episode!

    This episode is one of the best episodes I have seen, because of the twists and turns along the way.

    I was surprised to hear that each team would have to vote of a member, regardless of the outcome. I was quite shocked by that!

    Much more shocking though, was the fact that Russell of Galu passed out. I thought he had just fallen asleep when I saw his head drop, but I was so disappointed to hear of his elimination, and I was sad because I quite liked him.

    I did LOVE the challenge that they had to do. That was very imaginative, in my opinion, and quite a joy to watch.

    One more shocker was announced when teams didn't have to send anybody home after the shock departure of Russell.

    This episode is truly a must see. Packed with excitement, twists and drama, it is truly great!moreless
  • Both tribes continue to struggle with the elements as they are battered by rain for days on end. The immunity challenge is stopped when a castaway collapses and is ultimately forced out of the game.moreless

    This episode helps to make this particular season of "Survivor" quite interesting. While I take no pleasure in Russell's situation (Though Foa Foa certainly does.) I must admit it makes for compelling drama on the show. I feel it was wrong that the vote was cancelled at Tribal Council. I know the challenge was halted, but it was wrong to give Foa Foa an unfair advantage. Foa Foa should have voted somebody out as planned. Could this be the turning point in the competition as Foa Foa says it is? We will just have to tune in and find out.moreless
  • A first for many!

    There are a first for many things that has happened. In which two tribes appear together and where one team suffers a loss. And where nobody from either side, which was the beginning of an IC/RC challenge combined. Was to be voted out but was cancelled over Russell S medical evacuation due to exhaustion and dehydration. Foa Foa, the team that had lost almost all of their challenges, was about to win but due to Russell S. The challenge was cancelled and that Galu has the daunting task of replacing their leader. Sure Russell S was likable to begin with but he made a lot of mistakes. By not picking tarps over blankets and also giving Shambo, as eccentric as she is. And has made a lot of mistakes herself, a raw deal by not participating in the feast. But hate it when he had to go down in flames like that.moreless
  • Feels like time travel...

    These people seem to be really trusting each other...

    How can that be? Have they not been watching the show before?

    I can only guess. Other than Russell (the evil one) and John Fincher no one seems to even think in game mode. It's episode 6 and they are as naive as if this is season 1. Season 16 really picked up the bar imo. It was amazing the level of ploting and paranoia. Season 17 was full of drama and had lots of twists and turns, even Sugar seemed to have developed a way to play the game.

    How come I feel like it's downward spirial? I think they should pick more people who have the potential to mix up the game a bit, otherwise it's a complete wipe every new season.

    This is (at least as far as I can tell for now) the dumbest cast ever. This is season 19, we could expect some level of "playing the game" to begin with.moreless
  • This is by far the best Survivor episode ever. Russell(Foa-Foa) shows how good and skilled he is.

    This episode was wonderful. It portrayed wonderful how to survive one of the hardest situation, when rain was been pouring for last 5 days, and everyone is cold and tired.

    Foa Foa:everyone feels depressed but Russell. It was an unbelievable scene for me to see this guy going on the beach, cutting wood, staying in the rain and acting so normal as if it was a shiny day. I love when he said:"I wanna be somewhere where I can't take my family".He is so strong omg no surprise he became a millionaire and that most likely he will win the contest. Russell is sooooooooooooo good I am ashamed I thought he would be the one to collapse during challenge.

    On Galu , the little Russell, leader, works and does thing he isn't supposed to. This showed me he isn't very cleaver and even his groupies were bewildered by his attitude. Its raining and he wants to start a fire. No wonder he has to be pulled of from contest, in what seems like the most shameful ever Survivor withdrawal.

    This being said, that scene where he collapses for the second time was really scary for me. I hope he is OK.

    In the next episode I see two possibilities: either this will be the last challenge of the two groups, or a merge will take place. Situation seems pretty OK for Shambo, who is kept in game on her supposed lack of strategic intelligence, and this will mean another member for the Foa Foa group. I prefer Galu loses the challenge-if there isn't a merge-because it will even situation out.

    In the end I found very funny and stupid Eric's behaviour getting very angry on Russell saying they will start winning.moreless
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Kelly Sharbaugh

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • There were many "Survivor" firsts:
      - a challenge is cancelled after it has started.
      - no winner is declared after a challenge.
      - the vote at Tribal Council is cancelled.
      - two tribes in front of the Tribal Council fire at the same time.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Russell S.: Being taken out of the game for medical reasons is the worse thing I've ever felt in my life. I played every minute to win this game and to have my body fail me is utterly demoralizing but even though it pains me not to be in it, to do it and fail is better than to never try.

    • Jeff: Due to the unprecedented nature of today's events in which, for the first time ever, we did not complete a challenge, there will be no tribal council vote tonight. Nobody going home. Galu, you're not voting anybody out. Foa Foa, you will not vote anybody out.

    • (at Tribal council)
      Jeff: (to Galu and Foa Foa tribes) It was the scariest moment I've ever had on this show. In nineteen seasons, I've never been more afraid in my life of how bad things were. Russell was in terrible shape.

    • Monica: The number one reason for voting off Shambo for me is that the fact she wrote down my name last time and you gotta to take out your enemy the minute you can and right now seems like an opportune moment.

    • Jeff: (to Russell S.) It's frustrating to be pulled out of a game you wanted to be a part of for so long. You were in great shape. You were the leader of the tribe that was dominating. There was no signs you were going home any time soon. You pushed and pushed and pushed your body until your body said "Enough!". There's nothing about that that is a quitter. Nothing!

    • Russell H.: If you don't throw up after every fricking challenge, you didn't do your job. That's how I think of it.

    • Russell H.: (referring to constant rain) This is really no big deal. Matter of fact, this makes me stronger.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Captain Planet and the Planeteers

      At one point, Jaison refers to the show and one of the characters on it with the power of heart. Captain Planet and the Planeteers was an animated series shown on TBS featuring a group of kids who each possessed powers related to the Earth who tried to stop bad guys from destroying nature and the environment.