Season 25 Episode 3

This Isn't a We Game

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 03, 2012 on CBS

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  • As time moves forward, hidden immunity idols are found, strategies are set and Matsing's failures ontinue.

    "This Isn't a We Game" is for all intents and purposes a by the numbers episode. There really isn't anything out of the ordinary so far. It was pretty obvious that those who found their respective hidden immunity idols would not keep that a secret for long. I wonder why, with very few exceptions, that is such a difficult thing to keep secret. I think Matsing will win the next immunity challenge only because not all runs of luck, good or bad, could go on forever. It just has to end some time. I almost hope so because Russell's bitching and moaning like a two-year old is getting dull and annoying. I hope there was a big tray of cookies waiting for Angie when she left the Tribal Council area!
  • Go have some cookies!

    The stupidness of some people on this show is unbelievable. Well Angie, you can go have your cookies seems that's the thing you're good at, eating cookies. At least now you know that you can never drown, because of those 2 floating devices. But you can never dive 5 inches down either...
  • Seems like another case of mismatched tribes. (Spoilers for thi s episode ahead.)

    Interesting scenes on all three camps. We finally got a little bit more screen time on Kalabaw, althjough only enjough for eveyrone to notice the top of the rice container missing and suspect it was the idol. Jonathan told Jeff about it - which was quite an unexpected move in my books - so I wonder how that new alliance will develop?

    Meanwhile at Tandang, Abi-Maria seems to want to work with Pete more than RC and she found the idol which I am so happy about, as she's my early favourite! Hopefully Pete can really keep Lisa in the game and get Michael and/or RC out.

    But at Matsing, they just keep losing. This time Angie and Russell were clearly the two weakest links. I'm sad Angie's gone, but I really hope for Matsing's sake that they are able to recover and pull off some wins now!

    Can't wait until the next episode! I want anothe r tribe to lose so that we can finally see some of this drama unfold.