Season 13 Episode 15

This Tribe Will Self-Destruct in 5, 4, 3...

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 17, 2006 on CBS

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  • Ep 14: "The most boring final Tribal Council ever," and Yul takes home the prize

    Yul Kwon 100% deserved the win. There are a few seasons where I 100% can get behind the winner: Tom Westman, Chris Daughtery, and now, Yul Kwon. While I'll admit Ozzy was a worthy competitor and would've won against anybody else, Yul was the strongest player in a strategic sense, and played in a way that made him very few enemies.

    I'll try to keep the summary brief: Basically, Adam is voted off, as we would expect him to be, and Ozzy continues winning challenges, all the way up until the point where he wins Immunity in the final four, and the group is forced to figure out a way to fairly vote someone out.

    As a result, we get a fire-making tie-breaking challenge between Becky and Sundra, which results in one of the most embarrasing showings ever. Sundra and Becky can't make a fire in an hour and a half, and the look on Ozzy and Jeff's face speaks volumes. Becky finally wins, but only after Jeff gives them matches.

    When it comes down to the final three, we're left with Yul, Ozzy and Becky, and during the final Tribal Council, the jury seems to focus solely on Yul and Ozzy. Ozzy dominated physically, but Yul orchestrated the entire game. He wins 5-4, and it easily could've gone the other way.

    The person in the review below me mentioned the comment, but I'll mention it again: when Adam said that "this is the most boring final group to make the final Tribal Council," he wasn't lying. The show is always interesting when you have tension, and when the Aitu 4 made it, even though they fully earned their way to the end, it doesn't always make for entertaining television. A pretty darn good season though. Not sure I like it more than Survivor: Panama, but the cast was solid.
  • A meh finale but a good winner.

    Best part of the finale was the two women completely failing at starting a fire. That was so embarrassing and basically something like summing up their uselessness. I wish Sundra won - she at least surely deserved it. Becky's been a complete tag-along.

    Great to see the narcissistic Ozzy lose. Yul so deserved to win.

    However, Adam summed it up best when he said how boring the Aitu 4 had been. So true.

    The best of the Aitu 4 won, but the season would have been a mile better with Raro dominating.
  • Oh THANK YOU! Finally, we have another GREAT cast! This made me happy.

    Yul dominated strategically and Ozzy dominated physically.
    You have to learn that good ones should win, foolish winners MUST learn that friends are more important than a million dollars. NEVER watch Survivor Thailand and Survivor The Amazon, watch Survivor Cook Islands and Survivor The Australian Outback. Listen to me, castaways set to appear in Survivor China! I want a great cast, no fools. I want fools to be voted out first. And I hope the most popular wins!

    Survivor Cook Islands is an ultimate season since All-Stars.
    Unlike most seasons, the stronger links are winning.
    I spit on every terrible winners.
  • Fantastic Finale!

    Wow! So, Yul won! Congratulations to him. I'm very happy that Ozzy did not win. Ozzy was a great physical player, but I don't think that he had much of a strategic game other than to just do his best to win the challenges.

    Yul deserved to win because he really was the puppet master of the season. He may not have dominated the challenges as many expected him to, but he was able to read his tribemates very well and, with that, he was able to pull everyone's strings.
  • A great ending to the best season I can think of in a long time.

    I thought this season was by far one of the best and had some great switches and swings unlike other seasons where one group marches to the final four or so. The finale was great, though I wasn't that big a fan of having becky be the third potential winner because I thought it was as weak and pointless as it turned out to be. Yule's control of the game and Ozzie's bulldozing of challenges was always entertaining and even the usually dull final council had some decent sparks. All in all I think this is great end to the season, and I hope next season's wave of new additions keeps the drive going.
  • One of the best final two at final tribal council ever with Becky there as a filler.

    Becky could only sit there helplessly as the jury tried to decide a winner between Yul and Ozzy. Yul dominated with the strategy aspect of the game with his "Godfatheresque" technique of running the show, and Ozzy dominated the physical aspect by winning almost every individual immunity challenge. When it came down to the votes, I knew some jury members would buy into Ozzy's tearjerking plea for votes. But in the end Yul pulled out with a 5-4 vote outcome to win the game. Becky basically sat there during the live reunion show during the revealing of the votes just to be seen, because she did not get one single vote from the first time 9 member jury. As an added bonus Yul became the first Asian-American to win the game and making the winner's circle a little more diverse.
  • Can Ozzy lose a challenge?

    During the tribal council, I was glad to see that Becky decided not to accept Yul's immunity idol which would have sent Sundra to be the 9th jury member. I'd like to say that because of this she deserved to be in the finals but I can't. Who's to say that Sundra wouldn't have done the same? The tie breaker challenge was completely fair.

    Jeff was right, after spending all that time on the island, each of them should have been able to start a fire already. For them to go an hour without being able to start one and having to resort to matches is pretty bad. I say this of course having never needed to start a fire without matches but IF I had been on the show, I'm pretty sure at some point I would have tried to be the one to start a fire. It didn't seem to take Ozzy long to start his fires then again, I don't know how much time elapsed between when he started and when we saw the fire. It could have been an hour or more but since it was Ozzy, I doubt it highly.

    At any rate, the right guy won.
  • In an utterly unexciting climax, the Aitu four vote off the last remaining Raro member, Adam, and Survivor enters the final four stage.

    In this episode's immunity challenge, the final five castaways faced a challenging obstacle course and the "most difficult" puzzle Survivor has ever seen.
    Adam knew he was the odd man out and needed to win the immunity challenge in order to guarantee his advance in the game. Another scenario in which he could possibly advance was if one of the Aitu four excepting Ozzy won immunity instead and they decide to vote off Ozzy who is a larger threat.
    Everyone put all their effort into this challenge, but c'mon... an obstacle course. You might as well give Ozzy the prize. Ozzy lagged a bit in the beginning but that was only because he tackled the most difficult portions of the obstacle course first, while Yul who led in the beginning, tackled the easier portions. Ozzy swung and jumped his way to victory, again, so Adam was voted out at Tribal Council.
  • Best ending by far!!!!

    I will admit things got off to a slow start, but things picked up and once the merge happened, I had it narrowed down who I wanted to see win. Ozzy, Yul, Sundra or Becky. Ozzy was just awesome during challenges, but when it came down to Yul and Ozzy being in the final two, I knew the vote would be very close. Yul is so calm, and so intelligent, but if Ozzy had won I would have been equally as pleased. Why is it always the fire starting competition that seems to trip people up? It never fails!!! If someone has to start a fire, and even though they were on the camp for weeks, they can never seem to do it. This was a great ending to the show, and I'm looking forward to Fiji!! Bring it on!!!
  • Great show to end with.

    Started out slow this season but then got very interesting
    As it ended all in good fun and most memorable
    As even Jeff Probst seemed to love this season as well
    Yul wins and it was by a close vote from Ozzy
    Ozzy may had been the brawns, Jonathan man you loved to hate
    But Yul was indeed the most smartest player to play
    The game and in the end, won it all. Felt bad for Becky & Sundra over the fire building match though. Even though I was laughing my head off.
  • And here lies the end of one of the greatest seasons to ever be in Survivor. Great winner. Great runner-up. A final three wasn't even needed because it went down to Ozzy and Yul in only a 1 vote difference that changed up the game.

    From the first challenge to tribal council, this was great. The tribal council brought tears as Ozzy revealed some things about his father. Yul won by one vote, in a very impressive show of brains versus brawns. As Yul won though, it is no doubt that both Ozzy and Yul deserved to win, and I usually don't say that because in most seasons I want only one person to win. That one deciding vote was so intense I couldn't even believe it. This has been a great season, and the outcome and ending is phenomenal. I cannot wait for Fiji.