Season 11 Episode 14

Thunder Storms & Sacrifice

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 11, 2005 on CBS
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The final four witness a Mayan ritual in their camp but when the Mayans leave the ruins, Stephenie, Lydia, and Danni resort to eating the sacrificed chicken, spelling bad luck for the finalists. The players then go to the next Immunity Challenge, where Rafe wins and Lydia is voted out at Tribal Council. The next morning, the remaining Survivors pay tribute to the people that have been voted out. The final Immunity Challenge results in Danni's victory, who is approached by Rafe, who tells her that he releases her from any promises that she had made to him, allowing her to choose freely between either him or Stephenie for the Final Two. Danni chooses Stephenie to sit next to her in the last Tribal Council, which irks the ousted Rafe. The jury later asks their questions to Steph and Danni, and live, the final reading of the votes takes place in Los Angeles, where Danni wins in a landslide victory.moreless

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  • Two women who played their haeart out!! Such a great finale!

    The beginning of the episode was great! The maze challenge was epic! Rafe won, and son it was eigther Lydia or Danni.

    I thought Steph and Rafe would've been smart enough to get rid of Danni, but they made the worst move of the game by keeping her, although I absolutely was thrilled about it!

    The next challenge was so tough! Danni and Stephenie both playing their hearts out. Stephenie fought until she could not physically continue, and Danni was left with a tough choice of who to take to the end.

    I felt confident that the jury would be too bitter towards Stephenie and would vote for Danni, but I was genuinely surprised a t a 6-1 outcome. I thought Boobby Jon might vote for Stephenie, after she took him to the jury as he asked. I thought it would be a little closer.

    However, those two women both deserved it! They both played different, yet equally spectacular games, and they both completely deserved to win! I am so hppy of Danni winning, but I am also sad that Stephenie did not win.

    Good jub guys!!! Great season! Great outcome!!!moreless
  • The big finish.

    The hour and a half finale of Survivor Guatemala definitely surprised me. I'm a huge Stephenie fan and I've always did stand by her side. It was a huge shock for her to come so far in the game. Bobby Jon did great too. Up until the end, I believed Stephenie could win this one, but Danni got the award. Was I disappointed? Yes, a bit. But still, Danni deserved this. She outwitted everyone, just like Stephenie.

    Stephenie got her goal to win at least one individual immunity, but along the way to the finish, she got too many enemies and that's why she couldn't win. Still, I am very proud of her and the way she played. This was definitely a great season (not as great as the previous one). But still, I loved it and can't wait to see the next installment.

    Thanks to CBS for another amazing season.moreless
  • The last episode of Survivor Guatamala. Four are left: Rafe, Danni, Steph, and Lydia.

    Well that was surprising. It has been a long time since the person I want to win actually wins. I must say that I have no idea why Lydia was still around. No one liked her and I don't think she deserved it. Rafe clearly made a huge mistake not choosing Lydia for the third person, but I don't really think he wanted to win. You can't win the game being nice in the last 6 days. I didn't expect the votes to be such a landslide. I expected it to be pretty close I mean Danni was great but Steph wasn't so bad either. But whatever it's over and that's that. I think she deserved it she was strong she was nice (most of the time), and she was honest. I still have no idea what Judd was trying to say about skating through the game, was that a compliment or a fault of hers. Oh well Judd rarely ever made sense anyways.

    I'm so excited for the next one. But i must say they need a better variety of players. We need a few black people, definately a chinese person, I think they should have a homeless person, that would be great they would be used to living outside and maybe if we were really fortunate they would be crazy. A professor or two. I really think that I should be invited to the casting calls to make it a better show.moreless
  • Yay Danni!!

    Like I have mentioned many times before.

    Danni was on my dislike list at first.

    But she has grown on me and is a sweetheart.

    This season's version of Stephenie.

    Danni never had a alliance despite being on the chopping block all the time.

    She never came across as arrogant and as sneaky.

    She was the same sweet self.

    I think that someone needs to haul off and deck Judd. What a jerk!
  • Steph, you should have known better. Lying is bad, and people don't like you when you lie. Good for Danni!

    Steph, you should have known better. Lying is bad, and people don't like you when you lie.

    The first half hour - then end of Lydia. The look on their faces when they realized Lydia wasn't bringing food and was so excited over "nothing" was priceless. Steph asking to eat the sacrifice, and then doing it! Too much!! The challenge was set up for Steph and Rafe to win and they did run neck and neck. I thought it was the time to take out Steph, but I guess Danni knew. Danni must have done a lot of sweet-talking to convince them to take her over Lydia.

    Now, the tour of the dearly departed. Nice words for a couple, but there wasn't the sense of loss as in past seasons.

    Now, the challenge. Mental toughness always wins. Like Tom and Chris, Danni's mental toughness was her key to success. Touching the pole, come on Rafe, you're better than that. Then, Steph's slow slide to the end. Were they crocodile tears, knowing she couldn't beat Danni? Since she and Rafe played the same game, I think she knew her only chance was against Rafe in the finals. The only thing you could fault Danni about was not taking Rafe (not really a broken promise, as good-guy Rafe let her out of the deal) to the finals.

    Now, the jury. Other than Judd (What a crock! I bet he still thinks he never lied), the questions were pointed, but accurate. Steph had the most to overcome, trying to convince the crew that playing dirty was OK. That only works if both finalists played dirty. Danni did her dirty work before the merge, so she came out relatively clean.

    A very good season. I'm looking forward to "Exile Island".

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  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Danni would later marry and give birth to her first child, a son, on October 8, 2007.

    • Stephenie is the second "Survivor" contestant in history to play twice and make the final in one appearance and the jury in the other. Amber Brkich-Mariano was the first, in Outback and "All-Stars."

    • Rafe becomes the first "Survivor" contestant to win the final 4 Immunity Challenge and not reach the final two. He also breaks a streak of six consecutive final 4 immunity winners that went on to win the game, starting with Marquesas (Vee) and continuing with Thailand (Brian), Amazon (Jenna), All-Stars (Amber), Vanuatu (Chris), and ending with Palau (Tom).

    • Stephenie LaGrossa has attended the most tribal councils in one season, either as an active player or as a juror. She attended every tribal council but one (fifteen total) in Survivor: Palau and attended an additional thirteen in Survivor: Guatemala.

  • QUOTES (2)

    • Rafe: Stephenie asked me if they killed the chicken, and I was like, "Steph, they just threw the chciken's head into the fire. That's a dead chicken."

    • Stephenie: There was this chicken who I thought was dead but then I saw it was alive! And I was like, can we eat that?

  • NOTES (4)

    • Not including any specials, reunions or re-cap episodes, and only counting episodes with game play in them, this is the 150th episode of Survivor.

    • Danni is the second female to win the Final 3 Immunity Challenge and win the title of Sole Survivor, with Jenna Morasca from the Amazon being the first.

    • Stephenie and Bobby Jon both improved on their Palau finishes. Stephenie went from 7th place in Palau to the final two in Guatemala, while Bobby Jon went from 10th place and not making the merge in Palau to 9th place and a jury member in Guatemala.

    • This episode's initial airing was the highest amount of viewers for a finale since Survivor: All-Stars.