Season 23 Episode 13

Ticking Time Bomb

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 07, 2011 on CBS

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  • Really felt sorry for the one voted off. (Spoilers ahead!)


    I was a huge fan of the original Upolu tribe, but after the last three episodes, I think they are all startegically inept. People such as Albert and Sophie - who would stand no chance against Coach at the jury vote - failed to capitalise on their opportunity to both build better rapport witht the last remaining Savaii and Edna, as well as getting themselves away from the 'family' and playing this game for real.

    All the 'honour, integrity, loyalty' is all well and good, but voting off Edna does not benefit anyone's strategic play in any way shape or form.

    Albert and Sophie could've knocked off Brandon and then gone to the end with Edna, and let's face it, is Edna going to get very many votes? No. Instead, Albert and Sophie will most definitely be the next two to go...

    I hope Coach wins this now. Brandon is becoming increasingly irritating. I preferred Russell much, much more! Albert is all talk, no walk. Sophie talks about 'shaking up the game' every so often, but she wouldn't shake anything even if she was in the middle of an earthquake. Rick is a very likeable guy, but he has done nothing significant in this game, other than riding coattails.

    Hopefully Edna will bump off Ozzy on Redemption. Ozzy's arrogance disgusts me. The fact that he thought Cochran had 'no chance' was just disgusting, and shows a real lack of character on his behalf. He was all right on Cook Islands, but he is etremely dislikeable on this season.

    I would like Coach or Edna to win, simple as that!

    On a last note, I also loved Sean Hantz! He reminded me completely of Russell! I just loved it!!! He was great!!! Best family member to come in any of the seasons I have seen!

  • Another proper elimination..At least Brandon has a real chance to go to the Final 3.


    I wanna start by saying that this episode made me realize that I would have loved to see Savaii as final 5...They had a more different group than Upolu...Whitney and Jim especially seemed pretty ruthless and capable to overthrow Ozzy...As this appear its like a reediting of last season where Boston Rob's cult was on...

    Always stated that the most honest people are those who tell you the truth in your face, such as Brandon does, not those who pamper you, keep you in suspence and then give you the boot with a hug like Coach...But then again , I know most people like to be lied to and cheated...

    In connection with Brandon, and how he is pursuing this, I imagine seeing him in a Survivor Heroes vs. Villains 2, where he is on the Heroes group and Russell on Villains...

    He is doing the right thing for him because at least he can get to top 3 with Coach and Rick... Whereas if he was fake, trying to act like he won't do the right thing he might get voted off fast...

    Edna was really disturbed by seeing herself voted off...That's what I call denial...She knew the time would come, she should have tried to stay focus...

    About the scenes from the next episode, I don't necessarily believe that they are as accurate as some people might want...Even if Edna wins she will get voted off later on, because this would make her an even bigger target...The one who eliminates Ozzy has a real chance to get the vast majority of votes...

    Now comes Albert's time...As per Scenes from next episode, he appears to show his true colors...What puzzles me is how is he trying to win this...Lets be real, each and everyone of them sit in Coach's shadow...With Brandon being on Coach's side and Rick also I don't see him voting off Coach which makes this an impossible task...As for Sophie, they will vote her off because she isn't a total Coach's follower like Brandon and Rick is.