Season 20 Episode 5

Tonight, We Make Our Move

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 04, 2010 on CBS

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  • Can't believe they voted out Cirie. Can't stand Tom, JT and Colby.

    Tom is such a false and a liar! C'mon people! He won the game once! I remember in All-Stars, the main concern was to get rid of the winners. Why are people not doing that now? Tom is so dangerous. Colby, I don't like him. I don't hate him, but he's always allied with the people I don't like. I seriously hope Amanda, James, Rupert can make it, because I would hate to see Tom or Colby win this game.
    Which brings to JT. Another winner! So, remind me what kind of a 'hero' is he? He's more villain than Courtney! I was liking this season, but with Cirie gone, one of the best players Survivor ever had, I don't know. Really disappointed.
  • Tom & Colby feeling vulnerable!

    Tom and Colby don't have any alliance and that they are feeling really vulnerable. But more on that later, meantime Coach and Tyson talk. After Coach was offended by Sandra's words saying he was weak and lazy. But in the end, Coach redeems himself. Now the idol is coming into play as you guessed it, the villians think that Russell will be trying to find the idol. The Heroes lose again and they feel Tom who has won before and has no alliance, will be going. But Tom finds the idol, plays it at camp, and votes off Cirie. Who would be more trickier and smarter in the end run. Jeff P says consider that a blindside as she was in the final four the last two times. Not this time around!
  • The "Dragon Slayer" contemplates quitting, but as the game goes on he pulls himself together and helps his tribe win reward and immunity.

    The main reason to watch this episode is Coach. His emotional breakdown is one of the funniest things you will ever see. I was laughing so hard my sides hurt. Throughout his time on all his "Survivor" appearances, he has always talked about he is God's gift to "Survivor" and how he will rule the game. Yet, he can't take even the slightest bit of criticism at Tribal Council. Another high point was the search by both tribes for their respective hidden immunity idols. Seeing Tom's attempts to hide the idol were laughable. At least Tom knew to use it.
  • Russell dodged a huge bullet...Boston Rob shows his true value...Nice to see Cirie out but she would have worked marvelous as a villain. Russell does the only smart thing to eliminate Boston Rob...

    Russ goes for idol... It's the only way to vanquis Rob...I don't think he will have an easy life with Boston Rob here...He is the leader unfortunately...I don't like him but he proved his value during the immunity challenge...Only good thing was not seeing Parvati to much in this episode. I dunno if she either plays it safe and acts invisible or it was just the editing not including her...
    Regarding the tactic wise side of Survivor I'd say Boston Ron is over Russ at this time...People see his as a core piece whereas Russ hasn't done much except performing incredible in the challenges... Off course you can never be sure of anything in Survivor people will kill their parents to win, but I think Russ will have to pull something major to stay and win the battle...
    Regarding Cirie eliminated, I must admit I fancied the idea...I never liked her, she hasn't got a Hero bone in her body...She got outplayed, but when the hero-villain componence was decided, as in the case of Sugar, I think Cirie might have played a better part as a villain.
    Russell does the only think he can do to survive, goes for idol...I think it's the only way to eliminate Boston Rob.
  • Absolutely loved it!

    In yet another fascinating episde of Survivor, this one had two separate challenges, which was the first major improvement, in my opinion. It also was very suspenseful and quite interesting, all the way until the enmd.

    I found the plotting and strategising in this episode to be excellent and overall, I found this to be one of the best episodes in this season, up to this point.

    I was very disappointed with the final outcome, but it sets up an interesting episode for next week. I would highly recommend this episode, but I really didn't like the ending. Great episode, and in my opinion, this season is looking excellent!