Season 22 Episode 13

Too Close For Comfort

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 11, 2011 on CBS

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  • Not happy with that one at all... (spoilers)

    This was a very interesting episode, and unfortunately, things crumbled for Rob's gamplay, which unfortunately led to Grant's elimination, and I definitely wanted to see Grant survive.

    The Redemption Island Duel was very cool, and I was 100% sure that Ralph would falter at the puzzle. I was concerned when he arrived at the puzzle with a huge lead, but even that wasn't enough, and thankfully, he ist gone/. I would love to see Andrea return into the fray, but Mike and Matt are also both likeable.

    Back at Immunity, Ashley goes and wins, which was very upsetting for myself, as I was praying that Ashley would be eradicated in this episode. Thanksfully, Phillip was not a target, and that guy continues to be so hilarious!

    As for Tribal Council, I wasn't surprised with the outcome, but I was definitely disappointed with it. I think it was a very brainless edecision by Rob this time, assuming that Natalie sticks with Ashley, because I think that anyone returning from Redemption Island (except perhaps Grant) will side with the girls and nock out Rob and Phillip. Andrea might also conform with Rob, but I don't know.

    The final promises to be very interesting! The person who returns from Redemption Island is who I will be cheering for, alongside Phillip Sheppard, because I like all four at Redemption! Hopefully it will be Andrea to return and win the game, but there are still loads of different permutations and combinations to assess hwo this game will play out!

    Keep itup Survivor! This season has lived up, and I have really enjoyed it! Can't wait to see who will be crowned Soule Survivor, but i t better not be Ashley, or Rob,... or Natalie (wow, i'm very picky today...)!
  • Surprising elimination...Farmer Ralph proved how much he knew how to play this game...Get rid of Phillip before it is to late.

    Well even though the best is yet to come, I found this episode both surprising and expected...Farmer Ralph finally got eliminated, proving how much he actually knew how to play Survivor...He knew he was to be eliminated yet not once after the merge did he looked for the idol...Unbelievable...
    Regarding the elimination vote I thought it was going to be Phillip, because he's unpredictable and people in Survivor have a tendency to vote out of spite...So Rob's assessment about very few voting for Phillip might prove faulty...
    Season final coming...I think the Survivor from the Redemption Island won't survive very long...That's in the situation that Survivor final won't be a final 5, or 4 but 3...The only ones that I am hoping won't win RI are Grant or Matt or Mike...
    Rob is playing it really cool right now because he is basing everything on his idol...I think final 5 is where you get to play the idol...So he is safe onto final 4...But still he has surrounded himself with shady people like Phillip who can backstab you any moment and Natalie who can be turned by Ashley...
    That said if he gets in the final I am hoping for a solid statement...throw everyone under the bus, without mercy...If he tries to be nice and praise everyone he might loose badly.