Season 1 Episode 4

Too Little Too Late?

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jun 21, 2000 on CBS

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  • Tagi's run of good fortune contiunes as they sweep the challenges. At Pagong, the tribe thinks Greg is not playing with a full deck.

    This episode is the best that we have seen up to this point. Tagi deserved to win the Reward Challenge with their very clever distress signal. Jeff Probst said that Pagong's happy face illustration in the sand was, in his words "great", but I disagree with him there. How interesting that right after a very bad storm the tribes all had raincoats. They certainly came in handy for Tagi at the Reward Challenge that's for sure. I assume that Greg thought he was being funny by talking into the coconut shell as if it were a phone. I did not think so and apparently neither did any of his tribe mates and understandably so. It was pretty obvious that Ramona was going to be cut loose. Through out the latter half of the episode she tried like hell to change herself and her attitude. However it was pretty clear, hence the title of this episode, that it would not be enough to save her.
  • Getting better

    You may notice a slight uptick in my ratings for this episode. I believe this is where we first have an alliance being built in Survivor. Richard had a great idea to get people to vote together. And, we actually get to see the survival aspect of the show. Now, it still isn't outstanding just yet. But it should get there. It seems like every episode thus far has had a good lesson on how to not play Survivor and this one does as well. Hopefully, one can be adaptable to the game in the future.
  • Definitely the best episode so far.

    This episode was far more interesting than the other three put together, because there was a little bit of strategy talk, two very interesting challenges (although Immunity was better tha n Reward) and a little bit of a surprise at Tribal, considering the votes that were shown.

    IO was sad at Ramona' departure, since she was really likeable, but I think her early illness is what cost her.

    Hoping that the season continues to improve!
  • Richard's Alliance

    Creepy and tough night? Tribes had face a huge storm. Not a lot of people sleep well. Ramona is not pulling her own weights. Rich started the alliance with Rudy , Sue and Kelly. Sean built a fake bowling alley? common what was that? Reward challenge was a SOS test that is visible from an airplane. Tagi won with their yellow jacket. They got spices , a knife and some towels. Tagi wins the immunity at the obstacle contest with swimming , paddling , racing and finding a treasure chest in the sand. The tribe has spoken for Ramona , 4 votes against Colleen , 2 votes and Jenna , 1 vote. 6 survivors each tribe.
  • In this episode, a tropical storm rages and Pagong loses the reward and immunity challenge forcing them to vote out another tribe member

    This episode starts with the tribes waking up after a huge tropical storm caused it to rain hard the previous night. Tagi and Pagong then learn that for the reward challenge they must make an SOS sign that is visible from an airplane flying overhead. Tagi's signal was more visible, giving them towels, a fillet knife and a spice rack for their reward. At the immunity challenge, Pagong fell behind early because Colleen took too long on the swimming leg and Tagi won. Feeling responsible for the loss, Colleen felt that she would be voted off, but so did Ramona who was sick early in the first few days. But at tribal council, Jenna recieved one vote, Colleen received two but Ramona got the other four sending her home. This episode was great because the battle of the elements and the great challenges in it.
  • Pagong loses immunity and have to kick off anoher member. This was one of the hardest votes so far but there haven't been much episodes yet. Ramona Voted Out.

    i thought that this episode was good but very sad because ramona was my second favorite person out there and she played good. she even ate rat at liked it! with all the excitement going on in borneo it is hard to keep track of time. i have not written any reviews about borneo since june or july but here i am, back into this and i am still interested. it seems to me that alot of people aren't that interested in it anymore. well anyways... i am still sad that sonja had to be out first but these things happen. I hope no one missed my reviews, i will see you guys later, bye.
  • Too Little Too Late Indeed!!

    Romana got sick and was getting better
    She should had stayed for three more days
    But sadly though the team thought in the title of the episode says it all
    Too Little Too Late for her even though she was making up for it big time
    She has a fourth-degree black belt in karate
    And I thought that would had helped her a bit
    Since karate is supposed to help you in self-discipline and self-control
    But obviously it didn't matter one bit!