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  • Season 1 Episode 13: The Final Four

  • This was a two hour episode (and was followed by a reunion show). An amazing 52 million viewers watched this season finale.

  • Kelly won four individual immunity challenges, a "Survivor" series record for female contestants that still stands after 21 seasons.

  • In an Entertainment Weekly interview, Host Jeff Probst rated this season as his favorite of seasons 1-9. He said that the series' "virgin season" was "solid," and that the cast really made the show. He named Sue Hawk's infamous "Rats and Snakes" speech as "the greatest Survivor moment." TV Guide and TV Land also named Sue's speech as one of the most memorable moments in television history.

  • This episode features Richard Hatch walking through an airport and getting into his brand new car. This scene had to be filmed four different times, each with a member of the final four in order to keep the secret of who really won.

  • This is the only time in which the revealing of the final votes is taped, while still at Tribal Council.

  • This episode was filmed on April 20, 2000.

  • Season 1 Episode 12: Death Of An Alliance

  • We learn on the DVD commentary that Rich saw the treemail, guessed the reward was just beer, and complained that since the previous reward was Sean seeing his Dad overnight on a yacht, a beer wasn't good enough. The producers then scrambled to turn the production crew's cafeteria into a realistic looking bar, and the winner got to drink with Jeff Probst and see the opening of Survivor, a more acceptable reward. After the show was over, Jeff took Kelly, the winner, to the cafeteria and she was shocked. Even though it was not too far from where the castaways were stranded, Probst had the boat circle for a long time to give Kelly the impression she'd traveled a great distance to get there.

  • When Kelly is taken to the bar with Jeff, she is shown the first five minutes of the first episode of Survivor. This is the first and only time (as far as we're aware) that castaways are allowed to see any of the show during its filming.

  • Season 1 Episode 11: Long Hard Days

  • When the camera pans to the jury during Tribal Council, a crew member in a blue shirt can be seen on the walkway the jury uses to enter the Tribal Council area.

  • Season 1 Episode 10: Crack In The Alliance

  • Gervase receives cigars, which he shares with the other castaways, in this episode upon receiving news of the birth of his son. This the first time tobacco use has been allowed during game play. Under official rules, tobacco is not allowed in the game.

  • Season 1 Episode 9: Old And New Bonds

  • Richard celebrates his birthday in this episode. To celebrate, he spends the entire day in his "birthday suit," naked.

  • Season 1 Episode 8: Thy Name Is Duplicity

  • Before the Reward Competition, the castaways are given a clip of their video from their family in order to get a taste of what they would be playing for. Featured in the videos are Chris (Richard's son), Tracey (Kelly's boyfriend), Julie, (Greg's sister), Tim (Susan's husband), Colleen's parents, Rudy's wife, and Gervase's girlfriend and daughter. The only person who does not receive a video from home is Jenna.

  • Season 1 Episode 7: The Merger

  • The three items from Pagong that Sean and Jenna choose to bring to the Tagi camp are the wool blankets, the mosquito net, and the cooking pot.

  • At Tribal Council, a record number of castaways receive votes. While Gretchen gets the majority of the votes (from Richard, Susan, Rudy, and Kelly), the other six players who receive votes are Richard (from Colleen), Susan (from Gervase), Gervase (from Jenna), Jenna (from Greg), Colleen (from Sean), and Rudy (from Gretchen). This is also the first episode where Sean employs his alphabetical voting strategy.

  • Season 1 Episode 4: Too Little Too Late?

  • This is the first episode of Survivor that takes its title from something spoken by one of the players (something that is now standard practice for Survivor.).  Specifically, the episode name is from Jenna explaining at Tribal Council why she is voting for Ramona.

  • Season 1 Episode 1: The Marooning

  • In a one-time-only event, three weeks after the first season finale, CBS re-ran the entire season on 13 nights between Friday Sept. 15, 2000 and Friday Sept. 29, 2000 (every night except on Sundays) at 9 p.m. The show ran under the title-card text of: "Survivor: Back to the Island". This was a ratings move to compete with NBC's running of the Sydney Olympic Games.

  • Jeff Probst and Phil Keoghan were the final two candidates to be host before CBS picked Probst. Phil Keoghan later went on to host The Amazing Race on CBS.

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