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  • Season 26 Episode 14: Last Push

  • Cochran, Dawn, and Brenda were the only returnees this season to improve upon a previous season's finish.  Brenda improved from 10th in Nicaragua to sixth, Dawn from 10th in South Pacific to second, and Cochran from 8th in South Pacific to winner.

  • Cochran is the third unanimous winner in series history, joining Earl Cole from Fiji and J. T. Thomas from Toncantins. He is the second besides J.T. to play a "perfect" game, getting all the winning votes at Final Tribal Council and never having been voted against once during the season.

  • Season 26 Episode 10: Zipping Over The Cuckoo's...

  • This is the third time in Survivor history that more than two contestants (Reynold, Malcolm, and Eddie) are immune from Tribal Council vote in a post-merge Tribal Council.  The last time was in Heroes vs. Villains in the episode where J.T. was voted out (Danielle had immunity, and Sandra and Jerri both played hidden immunity idols).

  • Season 26 Episode 4: Kill Or Be Killed

  • This episode is the first ever Survivor appearance of Tata the Bushman, whom Jeff Probst has stated he would like to appear again in the future.

  • Season 26 Episode 1: She Annoys Me Greatly

  • Francesca is the third contestant ever to compete a second time despite not making the jury in his/her previous season for reasons other than medevac. Shii Ann Huang and Rob Mariano in All-Stars did it before.

  • Four similarities between this season and the first Fans vs Favorites: (1) a tribe of first-time players competes against a tribe of returning players, (2) all returnees are competing for the second time, (3) out of all the returnees, only one made it to a final in his/her previous season (Amanda in Micronesia, Philip in this season), and (4) one contestant is returning immediately after competing in the previous season (Amanda in Micronesia, Malcolm in this season).

  • With her elimination, Francesca now holds the record for fewest days (9) playing Survivor by a contestant who competed more than once, breaking the previous record set by Russell Swan last season.

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