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  • Season 8 Episode 17: Survivor: All-Stars - The...

  • Rob M. and Amber were not the only couple to start their relationship on "All-Stars". After the reunion, Ethan and Jenna M. began their long-standing relationship.

  • The question of whether or not Rob M. and Amber were still together was answered as Rob proposed marriage to Amber during the reunion. The two would later marry on April 16, 2005 in the Bahamas and have three daughters, Lucia (born July 2009), Carina (born December 2010) and Isabetta (born May 2012).

  • Season 8 Episode 14: A Chapera Surprise

  • The castaways of the final six each came from a different original season. Only Amazon was not represented.

  • Season 8 Episode 12: A Thoughtful Gesture or a...

  • The opening recap of this episode has Probst state that Kathy betrayed Lex. However, on the DVD commentary, Lex and Kathy confirm that it wasn't so. Kathy considered giving Lex immunity but he wouldn't let her and knew he was going home that night.

  • Season 8 Episode 11: Anger, Tears and Chaos

  • This is the first time in "Survivor" history that two contestants are given the opportunity to win immunity necklaces at the immunity challenge. However, it is not the first time that more than one person has been immune from the vote at Tribal Council (first occurred in Survivor: Pearl Islands episode "What the...? Part I").

  • Season 8 Episode 3: Shark Attack

  • With her exit, Jenna is the first (and only so far) contestant in "Survivor" history to play twice and never get voted out. She is also one of only six (Rich, Ethan, Tina, Colby, and Rob M. are the others) to play twice and never sit on a jury.

  • Season 8 Episode 2: Panicked, Desperate, Thir...

  • In this season, Rudy finished 32 days less than his previous finish.

  • With his elimination, Rudy winds up holding the record for the fewest amount of days (44) playing the game for a contestant with more than one appearance. He spent 38 days as a contestant in Borneo before being voted off at the final 3 Tribal Council and six days in "All-Stars."

  • Look carefully at the scene just after the theme, when Rudy is telling stories to Saboga at camp. In the middle of the scene, you can see a pan with writing on it. This pan was introduced at the reward challenge, later on, so the opening scene actually occurred after the challenge, not before.

  • Season 8 Episode 1: They're Back!

  • Shi-Ann Huang is the first contestant ever to play the game a second time despite not making the merge or the jury in a previous appearance.

  • It's interesting to note that there is a bit of foreshadowing during the episode's introduction. Rob M. and Amber sit next to each other on the boat and high five each other after making it to their beach.

  • Of all the All-Stars, Tina ends up faring the worst in two appearances combined, going from winning in the Outback to being voted off first. She finished 39 days less than her previous finish.

  • The cast includes four contestants from Survivor: Borneo, five from Survivor: Australia, three from Survivor: Africa, two from Survivor: Marquesas, one from Survivor: Thailand, two from Survivor: The Amazon and one from Survivor: Pearl Islands. Four winners, one second-place finalist, and four third-place contestants are included in the cast.

  • This episode originally aired after the Superbowl.

  • For the first time ever, the tribe sent to tribal council, Saboga, is not allowed to bring their torches back to camp. Instead, all torches are left at Tribal Council until the castaways get fire on their own.

  • This is the first time that Survivor returns to a country where a previous season was also filmed, Panama. Other firsts include the extra two castaways, bringing the contestant total up to 18 from past Survivor seasons, and the fact that there are now three tribes instead of two.

    It is also the first time previous seasons are referenced by the castaways. Previously, producers discouraged such comments on-site to contestants. Even if comments were made, editors deleted the references.

  • The Immunity Challenge in this episode, Quest for Fire, was the same Immunity Challenge done in the very first episode of Survivor.

  • None of the contestants knew who were on the other tribes until they met for the Immunity Challenge. Also, the tribes were only supplied with a pot and machete. Finally, before the season began, CBS contemplated increasing the final prize money to $2 million, which was eventually vetoed in favor of a higher starting prize for the first person eliminated.

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