Season 4 Episode 7

True Lies

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 11, 2002 on CBS

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  • Boston Rob goes home and merge happens.

    The Former Marramu members have been spared another elimination. Rob, Vecepia and Sean have been spared once again and Gina went home. Rob was so desparate and really was in a minority. For the Ambassadors meeting, I got to say, Rob was so rushing into things and he was sort of different from All-Stars. This time, he was a little much of a kid. He pillow fight with Kathy and what a night. He then went to his former beach and worked like a team player. He greeted his new members and was so much better. Though voted off, he was a team player and good sport.
  • Warm-up only of Boston Rob's act!

    This will be only just a "warm-up" of the future
    Villianous Boston Rob's act that he will demonstrate on All-Stars two years later in 2004.
    He and Kathy share pizza as well as a night in bed
    Before the tribes merge as one big tribe.
    Kathy has been through a lot an that is why I like her as she is one brave woman!