Season 2 Episode 3

Trust No One

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 08, 2001 on CBS
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Mike becomes obsessed in hunting for a pig for his tribe but Jeff thinks that Mike's an idiot. At the Reward Challenge, Ogakor won by wining Fish Bait. Jerri, Amber & Mitchell went fishing and ended up catching fish for their tribe. At Kucha, everyone begins calling Rodger "Kentucky Joe". Rodger finds a heart shaped stone and gives it to Elisabeth so she can give it to her boyfriend back home. Jeff & Alicia make an alliance and add that Nick should not feel safe and that he's way too confident. Back at Ogakor, Jerri & Colby continue to get closer when Jerri spends the day massaging Colby's back. Keith becomes suspicious by there attraction and says he would vote out Colby. At Immunity, Maralyn keeps falling down which helps Kucha wins there 2nd straight Immunity. Keith asked Tina & Colby to vote with him to vote out Mitchell. At Tribal Council, Mitchell receives 1 vote, Jerri receives 1 vote, and Maralyn receives 5 votes and is voted out.moreless

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  • Interesting stuff!

    The game continues to proceed nicely. Even though Ogakor seems to be the superior tribe, they keep winning Reward not Immunity, so they will now be down on numbers. :(

    Michael's pig hunt was rather hilarious. I'm no pig expert, but don't pigs run fast? How will bhe be able to catch up to one?

    I loved both challenges! They were fought too evenly! And the decision at Tribal was a little obvious, although again I was surprised Maralyn didn't go home last time instead.

    All up, the game is proceeding nicely, and aI can't wait to see what happens next!moreless
  • In this episode, alliances strart to form and Maralyn gets voted off because of her weakness in the challenge.

    In this episode, Michael annoys some of his tribemates by going out and trying to hunt a pig for the tribe. Rodger and Elisabeth also create a friendship as they bond and promise to never to vote for one another. At the reward challenge which involved the putting buckets full of water on the other tribes shoulders, Mike fell resulting in a tie breaker which Ogakor won fishing supplies. With fish, Keith cooked the fish which satisfied the tribe unlike the rice that he made. Kucha won the immunity challenge which was hard and relied on strength that Maralyn did not have. At Ogakor's tribal council, Maralyn was voted off but not before Jerri said that she, Amber, Mitchell, and Colby got along well implying that they had an alliance.moreless
  • Jeff & Alicia indeed hate Kimmi

    Kimmi is a cancer to this group and not getting

    Along with anybody. Which would really be the end of

    Her and also the big, big, argument between her and Alicia.

    Though Mike is trying to be nice to Kimmi. He is

    Also doing the the best to be firm and to the point without offending her. Kimmi is seen as the weak link here!

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