Season 21 Episode 5

Turf Wars

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 13, 2010 on CBS

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  • Really this season is not a good season!

    Just really an unlikable cast and really not interesting as there are so much schemers in this season. Then in all the nineteen seasons combined. Plus they come off ugly. Na Onka is really needing to shut up. Because she needs to keep her opinions to herself. But she thinks that she needs attention. The tribes thought that they were comfortable into JP tells them of the merge. As it threw some out of their comfort zone. While some took the merge as great like Holly did. Others took advantage of it, like Marty. As he treated his tribe like pawns and kids. Tyrone was seen as bossy to some of the younger people on his new tribe. And was voted out. Wished it was Na Onka that went!
  • Average episode...Marty plays risky.

    I'm trying to watch this but it's getting harder every time...For God's sake Russell played it so sick yet this guys are so bad and unattractive...The only one decent seems Marty but I wouldn't hold my breath, he doesn't have the guts to keep his mouth shut... He screwed up the reward challenge all on himself...Yet la Fleur people are so weak-or seem like it.
    Good thinking on giving the game a bit of twist but I am afraid this won't change it much...A lot of people act or are pretty bad.
    Hopefully they will change Russell's mind and get him back.
  • Finally, this game gets interesting!

    The game actually heated up when the Tribal Sawap was revealed and announced. That was a great twist, because on both tribes, certain peopel had the game sorted and that lall went out of the window.

    The challenges were both interesting, and the fact that each tribe won one was good, because it shows that thre is now some sort of equality in the game.

    I'm cheering for the La Flor tribe, but I was very sad to see Tyrone go home, as he was a favorite, and Dan just continues to languish and survive.

    These contestant's don't seem to be mentally great, such as NaOnka, but hopefully the season continues to improve. Looking forward to next week, and I'd highly recommend it.