Season 19 Episode 14

Two Brains Are Better Than One

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 17, 2009 on CBS

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  • Very, very interesting! Did Russell and Foa Foa make the wrong choice, this time?

    In yet another terrific episode, there was a really well devised Reward Challenge, and in a great comeback, Shambo, Russell and Jaison manage to snatch reward, while an alliance develops between Brett and Natalie!

    I was pretty shocked when Natalie began to sway from Russell, but I'm really excited to see how the cookie crumbles in the season finale, which promises to be fantastic!

    Also, I thought that perhaps Russell made a wrong strategic choice in getting rid of Shambo, who was not posing a threat in any way, whereas Mick might.

    Anyways, I really recommend this one, because it really excites me at the prospect of what will happen in the next episode.

    I can't wait for the next one! A terrific episode!
  • Shambo is gone!

    Russell really is funny and entertaining. After not liking him at first, he is funny and entertaining. As Jaison did a good thing and got rid of Russell's ally, Shambo. Hate it that she left but it wasn't like a total blindside. As she knew that she was going. Unlike the others, that were blindsided, Shambo knew that Foa Foa would be keeping their alliance. But it was nearly ruined since Brett won his second immunity challenge in a row. And the Brett is the only nice and decent member of Galu. Galu didn't or wasn't ruined by Foa Foa or Russell. In fact, they ruined themselves with their overconfidence and arrogance. That did themselves in.
  • Russell removes his most loyal ally.I still hope its him that wins this show, although chances are lower than 20%.None of the others deserve anything.

    So its like frustrating.Russell, being a giant of planning and executing makes some huge mistakes.
    First of all, he doesn't even stands a chance in the challenges, he lacks the training, because of over relaxing.
    Then he lets himself be dominated by other people.
    Most important thing is he lost his ruthlessness.
    He is softer with the players he knew from day one.
    Voting off Shambo has no sense. He should have voted off Natalie.
    Honesly, none of them deserve to win the show except Shambo(eliminated) and Russell.
    I saw Jaison saying he had a part in the strategy which made me lol bad. He and the others have 0 merit in getting here. Big fat 0.
    Regarding the last episode, I'd say Russ has only one chance. Win challenges. IF he doesn't he will be voted off, if not first then second for sure. Which would be a pity.
  • The end is almost here... :D **SPOILER IN REVIEW BELOW!!**

    Can anyone guess what Russell's going to think up next? This man dominates this show. He won the reward challenge with his partners, Shambo and Jaison. They come up with the plan to stick together with Natalie and get rid of Mick or Brett. If Brett didn't win immunity, he was going because of his "threat" factor and if he did, Mick was going home. Then, the immunity challenge came. It seemed simple enough, count the different groups of things and then use the numbers for a combination code and the first to get the code right, wins immunity. And who won? Brett! Yay! Then, it is pointed out Shambo is not doing anything to help prevent Brett from winning the immunity so Shambo must go, because Mick has a physical factor that could potentially stop Brett from his victories. At first, I thought this was kind of a stupid logic, because they were saying it as though they thought they were actually a "team" and Shambo was helping them win. But now in retrospect, I do see where they're coming from. Anyways, Shambo left and I'm officially on "TEAM BRETT". :D haha. I cannot wait until the finale this's going to be very interesting. With this year's cast, you never know what is going to happen next.
  • Foa Foa's loyalty to one another remains solid. Brett manages to delay his inevitable exit from the game for now.

    Nobody can dispute the fact that Brett needs to win all of the remaining immunity challenges to stay in the game. Shambo wasn't as bright as she thinks. She obviously went into the tribal council 100% certain that it was Mick, and not her, that was going to join the jury. Not so fast. When Brett is voted out at the next tribal council, it will be very interesting to see Foa Foa turn against one another, but in the end there will be no surprises. Mick will be the first Foa Foa voted out. Then Natalie. I'll still watch.