Season 24 Episode 1

Two Tribes, One Camp, No Rules

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 15, 2012 on CBS

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  • Interesting Concept

    This was a cool start to this season of Survivor. I like the Men vs. Women tribes and the idea of everyone living at the same camp. Unfortunately, the some of the younger women aren't looking strong and like to yell at everyone. The men tribe is looking more put together and everything. I thought it was funny when the guy started to steal the supplies in the women's pile. It will be interesting to see how this season plays out with the two tribes sharing a beach.
  • The twenty fourth season begins with one of the best episodes of the entire series as the tribes are divided by gender and have to live in the same camp.

    "Two Tribes, One Camp, No Rules" is not just an excellent start to what looks to be a great season, but it is one of the best episodes of the entire series. It is a welcome relief to see a new group of faces. Not a Coach, an Ozzy or a Hantz in sight. You gotta love that. I also like that there is no Redemption Island this time around. I found myself immediately taking sides and picking a favorite player (Leif) another that I hate (Alicia). Something I have never done so early in the game. I agree with the men's decision to end the Immunity Challenge after Courtney's injury (Why the scene of her breaking her wrist had to be played over again in slow motion is a mystery to me.) and take the win. I couldn't believe how naive the women were. They actually thought the men would continue the challenge? Speaking of which, I have no doubt that if the roles were reversed, the women would have taken the win despite them saying otherwise. Ergo I was turned off by their complaints. The episode ended with a terrific Tribal Council. Season 24 looks to be great! I am looking forward to the next episode.
  • Thrilled to have Survivor back! And this episode was very enjoyable!!!

    Very excited to see this new season of Sruvivor, while also witnessing the new concept of the One World! I loved how Jeff didn't inform them that they would be living at one camp and they had to discover that themselves.

    Pre-show, my favourite was clearly CHELSEA!!! I do love the country girls more often than not, and after seeing her catch two chickens bare-handed while the men failed, it consolidated the fact that she is my favourite! Sabrina, Alicia, Kim and Kat are all great as well, and I love that alliance, which I'm calling the Alpha-Female Alliance! Hope all of them make it far!

    Meanwhile, the men are not as interesting, really. I'm confused by this Tarzan Troyzan nonsense. Why can't people just use their names... this is Benjamin all over again...

    Leif is the only one who stuck out for me. I thought pre-season that they would get rid of him early, but after seeing his strength, I don't envision that occurring any time soon. Colton seems so annyoing. I don't like him. The young, fit guys formed an alliance, which is great, but none of them seem like great thinkers, in my opinion.

    Very sad how Kourtney left through injury. I was so depressed. She was'nt one of my faves bu t I did like her, and nobody deserves to go out like that. She will be missed!

    Can't wait for next week! I hope the women get their act together!
  • Good start.

    I love the men vs women concept...It's what makes Apprentice Great...With the addition of the "one camp" concept things will get even more cutthroat...Which is what we witnessed in the first episode, where stealing, trying to seduce went on...Honestly as it appears the men are gonna destroy the women, because they seem more focused...That's why it might come to some changes real soon in the sense of swappings or individual members joining the other tribe...From this first episode I noticed Colton, Michael and Matt from the men and from the women Sabrina and Alicia...Colton seems the MVP and he has everything going for him, idol included...Men seem to have the edge, and unless he has bad luck he will make it to the merge easy..

    I'd have preferred for Redemption Island to be in place, but I guess the producers ascertained that it was useless in the sense that no player who survived it won or got top 3, because it made them to big a target.