Season 24 Episode 1

Two Tribes, One Camp, No Rules

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 15, 2012 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Including the new contestants from this season, there have now been a total of 371 survivors.

    • Kourtney becomes the ninth consecutive female to be the first contestant who is voted out (or in this case leave the game).

    • Kourtney becomes the first female contestant ever to leave the game for medical reasons. Her exit for medical reasons is also the earliest ever in the game's history (Day 3). She also is the second contestant to be removed from the game in the middle of a challenge (Samoa's Russell Swan was the first.).

    • This is the first time ever in the show's history (excluding recap shows) that an episode has had neither a completed challenge nor a tribal council vote. This is also the first time ever that a Tribal Council has been held and not ended with a vote.

  • Quotes

  • Notes

    • Kourtney leaves the game due to an injury. As a result, no one is voted out.

    • Leif Manson is the show's first little person contestant.

    • This season does not feature Redemption Island, after becoming a component of the show for the past two seasons.

    • This season features a new rule for the hidden immunity idols. When an idol is found, it MUST be used on someone from the opposing tribe and NOT on yourself or a fellow tribe member.

    • For the first time since the fake merge on "Survivor: Thailand", both tribes will live together at the same camp. Tribes will also be divided by gender for the first time since "Survivor: Vanuatu".

    • "Survivor: One World" was filmed in Samoa, making it the fourth time the show has filmed there.

    • This season was titled "Survivor: One World".

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