Season 1 Episode 6

Udder Revenge

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jul 05, 2000 on CBS

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  • On the eve of the merge, the players start to think about their future in the game.

    This episode revealed not one, but two chauvinists in the game. Gervase for his now famous, or infamous, comment about women and Joel treating the women of Pagong with blatant contempt and disrespect. By the way I loved Joel's repeated insistence that he is not a chauvinist. Just love it. Aside from this point there is nothing about this episode that makes it significant. I will say that I was happy Tagi got back on track. Yes, they lost reward but they won the challenge they absolutely needed to win. I like that the tribes went into the merger with an even number of players. It made the game more interesting. I just said this episode was not very significant, but the next one definitely will be. Look forward to seeing it again. See you there!
  • Getting Better

    There's a lot of confusion to viewers as to why Gervase wasn't voted out in this episode. It's subtle and easy to miss. While Gervase did make a terrible comment, it was Joel who constantly treated the women terribly and that got him voted out. The funniest part of this episode is only if you know what's coming next: Pagong talking about eliminating the Tagi members, one by one. If only they had stuck to that plan. But this is setting up to much better episodes down the road and we can bid the somewhat lame premerge goodbye after this.
  • They are making a big fuss about sexism, but vote for the guy who didn't make the sexist comment?

    This logic makes less than no sense to me. I don't lknow if the women have gone crazy being marooned for 18 days, but why on earth would you make a big fuss and complain about sexist comments and then vote for the guy who didn't make that comment? Makes no sense to me. None. Whatsoever.

    Furthermore, I think Joel was really committed to the Pagong tribe and wouldn't flip to Tagi after the merge. If I was on Pagong, I would've voted for Gretchen, since she doesn't seem to be solid with regards to voting alliances, even though I love Gretchen as a viewer.

    I've definitely enjoyed the Pagong tribe much more Than the Tagi tribe, so it will be interesting to see how the merge plays out. :)

    And on a side-note, I can't believe they ate dog food. Seriously? I don't know about that one...
  • In this episode Gervase makes a sexist comment to the women, but Joel was the one voted out of the tribe.

    The episode started with the women being angry with Gervase after he called the stupidest thing on the planet next to cows and think to themselves why they had not voted for him before. At the reward challenge, Pagong won canned goods and chocolate. The next day, Joel planned to have the 6 Pagong members eliminate the Tagi members once they merged. Later Gretchen, Jenna, and Colleen expressed to the cameras that they were annoyed by Joel and his sexism. Tagi won the immunity challenge that meant that the two tribes would merge evenly. At tribal council, Greg and the three women voted out Joel making him the sixth person voted out. Overall, it was a great episode due to Gervase making the comments and Joel getting surprised at the vote.
  • Joel and Gervase get in trouble with the girls at camp after making a rude comment about cows and women. Joel is voted out and The merge is next on survivor 1.

    i though that this was a good episode and i liked the way everyone reacted after the rude comment. Joel deserved to go but again, a strong, kind of... nice person is voted out. Amazing challenges... Freaky tribal councils and weird survivors. season 1 just gets better and better every episode. we are getting further into the game and it is getting way more interesting now. Merge is next time and i can not wait for that to happen. New alliances, Backstabbing, Insecurity, Individual immunity challenges + reward... All of this and more. Well Goodbye for now. See ya later. Bye.
  • Battle of the sexes on Survivor!

    Again you better watch what you say or else it
    Will come back and bite you in the rear my friends
    As Gervase made a sexist remark comparing women to cows
    But I am shocked that they voted off Joel despite telling
    The women what to do and ordering them around like they
    Are slaves. Gervase should had gone and not Joel IMO though.