Season 19 Episode 5

Walking On Thin Ice

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 15, 2009 on CBS

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  • A good episode!

    This episode was well constructed with two very interesting challenges. I really enjoyed seeing the contestants struggle through the challenge of drinking those disgusting smoothies. That is quality television!

    However, I personally felt that challenge was a little bit too far on the gross side for me, and I felt sick just watching it!

    The second challenge was also great to watch. I thought that was well constructed and it was very intriguing, even though it was pretty one-sided.

    Even though I hadn't seen the first few episodes of the season, I was surprised that Ashley was eliminated. I thought it would be Liz, but I don't mind.

    It was a good episode, not a great one, but very enjoyable to watch, and somewhat unpredictable. Great work!
  • Galu really is getting an ego!

    As much as nobody wants Russell on Foa Foa, still he is a bit entertaining. And that Foa Foa is getting a lot of airtime over him. As Galu now with their win streak, is getting spoiled over their wins. And to add injury to insult, they send Shambo back to Foa Foa after losing the fishing gear and getting off the chicken. She does fit in with Foa Foa. Galu's leader Russell is getting an ego trip. And that the power is going through his head. The blankets they shouldn't had gotten over the tarps. And now with all the rain, they are paying for it. Ashley is gone as she is the weakest.
  • Foa Foa is weakened yet again.. Russell(FF)has again the opportunity to eliminate a though competitor.

    This episode is disappointing because the tribe that bears the most fascination is Foa Foa and they loose both challenges.
    In the first one-food eating-they get the second place thanks to Ashley who is unwilling to eat Sea Slug Guts.While I agree it sounds sickening, when your on Survivor, you should use certain techniques to avoid disgustment. One would be to close your eyes and eat what they gave you, or being so focused on the objective that you can say screw it,I'll eat whatever they give me.However Ashley is the weakest link here.
    In an interesting event Shambo who is decided to accompany Foa Foa (due to some mistakes she did) reads all clues, and this makes Liz suspect Russell even more who tells her she is on thin ice.
    On immunity challenge the test consists of the one who is able to pull ropes which have attached a basket while people from enemy tribe will try to score coconuts inside the baskets. Again a disaster as people from Foa Foa hardly manage to score them. Interesting is inside Foa Foa camp, Russell and the other members are unable to strategize because they are forced to remain all together inside the tent. At the Tribal Council the weakest link gets voted out.
    I think soon there could be a new randomization of the groups as Foa Foa lost to many members.
    Now in the scenes from next episode there is presented an accident during a Challenge. I have studied the images a few times and I think its one of the three:
    1.Russell(Foa FOa)-hope not;p
    2.Russell(leader of Galu).
    To be honest I hope neither has to leave Survivor due to accenting.
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