Season 17 Episode 1

Want to See the Elephant Dung?

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 25, 2008 on CBS

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  • Things get interesting in beautiful Gabon!!!

    Well, glad to be watching another season of Survivor, and we're here in Gabon this time round! Interesting concept to pick the tribes, and I am rather stunned at how and why one tribe ended up with all the strong competitors, as opposed to a fairly even split.

    The firs t challenge was rather interesting, even though it was a relatively simple concept. I enjoyed it, and GC and Marcus (I think) won the Individual Immunitys, with Gillian and Crysta l lagging. I ws surprised to see the professional athelete lagging behind...

    Anyway, both Immunity Challenges were spectacular, but especially the seocond one with the massive ball! I thoroughly enjoyed both, but the second was more exciting, as it was more close!

    I love how people can choose either the forbidden fruit or the idol clue! Great concept!

    First tribal was interesting, when Jeff seemingly singlehandedly placed GC into the role of leader. And then he steps down, which is rather interesting. Being the leader is great pre-merge, but I think you will have too much of a target post-maerge, in my opinion.

    Michelle going first was a rather dumb choice, as she seeemed stronger than almost all the guys on Fang. I'm rather stunned by it. Gillian going next made sense, however I did really enjoye her, and I thought she was great in her short time here!

    The strategising was more interesting to watch on Kota, but as they lost zero times, none of that came into fruition just yet!

    Can't wait for the continuation, and I loved the episode title! :P :D
  • It seems like there is some interesting people in the cast, but I'm a little afraid this season is going to be too much like some of the others.

    I don't really like that one of the tribes is much weaker than the other. It was interesting the first time when Stephanie was the only one left in her tribe, but I don't want to see it happen again. There also isn't really anything that makes this season new and exciting. The one new thing I liked about it was that they had to chose between looking for the hidden immunity idol and getting food. The tribe dynamics were also a little boring. Of course they got rid of the weak old lady and the girl who wouldn't talk to anyone. I did find it a little interesting that they got rid of Michelle the first weak and ruined there chances of winning. I also enjoyed marveling over how riddiculus Jillian was. A positive attitude is always good but no need to be so positive about losing.
  • new season!

    Survivor is in Gabon this year which is great because the scenery is breathtaking and the animals and plants are interesting to see. Anyways, this is the next episode of this season so everyone had to be introduced and split into the teams. I don't really like anyone yet - but there are people that annoy me and I want to go. It was interesting to see that both teams had partial shelters already made. Exile island is still there. Oh, the gay, he's odd. He's not odd because he's gay - but the whole thing - well, if you watched, you know. Anyways, good start to the season and I can't wait to see how it turns out.
  • First two hour premiere of the series history.

    Glad to see the show back. And that it is very beautiful and very great start. As the elders were chosen to pick the team. The teacher that picked the first batch of people did good. And it obviously showed as they won the first two or three challenges. The woman, Jilian, who picked the other people. May have regretted picking them. As they seemed dumb as rocks. You would have thought that Olympic gold person would be helping them. But she is laying low, like the others on her team. I love that Bob, the teacher. Don't let age fool you. He is the complete package. Being a leader and a team player. So far, so good!
  • I love the game of Survivor! Jeff is the best and I am looking forawrd to another season of SURVIVOR!!!!!!!

    Unfortunatley I was not able to watch the opening season of Survivor on Thursday night because I had to work. Last season I can remember if I had missed an episode, I could just get on line, go to the survivor site and watch the episode I missed. I wouldn't miss a thing that way. Right now, I am only able to watch the clips of the first three minutes, I want to see the challenges and tribal counsel. There is also Jeff doing a narrative of tribal counsel however it is not what I want to see right now. I want to see SURVIVOR!!!!
  • So not new and not like a wow factor.

    Wow, what a start. At first I expected a sunny land, but it turned out to be icy cold. I felt sort of excited but choosing the elders to choose first? So Thailand. MIchelle last picked? I know how she felt. However, she proved her worth but became the first one gone. I do like Kenny and Michelle. They are a great pair. Gillian? She's like so slow. Even Kim J and BB could've done better. Fang is just so uncoordinated for the first challenge, it was like Gillians fault. On top of that, Michelle went home first? She must be pissed off that Gillian beat her. At Kota, Charlie scared me. He's like another Todd. The tribe seem to get along. They just need Bob for everyone likes him. Next Kenny is alone and a second lost but some good things around camp happen. Fish and very little. Finally Gillian's gone.
  • Interesting start, beautiful place.

    The elders chose tribes, and Gillian chose poorly. I was surprised how they tribes went together and how poorly one team played. While Gillian was the oldest she was a good player, but she should not have made it past the first vote, they took a strong player and made her go home. With the weaker team, they lost again.
    The team with Bob on it has talent, and he is a leader. I also saw that for modesty purposes several of the women were wearing men's boxer shorts obviously provided by the show.
    The scenery is incredible. We have one team that works well together, and one that is a total train wreck. If this continues it will be like a few years ago when one team lost every challenge.