Season 19 Episode 8

All Hell Breaks Loose


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Foa Foa returns to camp and make their plan of attack for when they merge and Russell is confident the tribe is united as one. Over on Galu, Laura is confident that "Shambo" does not like her and they continue to argue. Both tribes then get tree mail and after meeting together they merge into one tribe and after a feat, decide on the new tribe name, Aiga. Russell shows the hidden immunity idol to Laura and right away suggests a voting strategy. But when Laura doesn't agree with Russell's ideas, he decides to try again with Monica. Then after showing the idol to Moncia, he shows the idol to John to try and get Laura out. Then, after talking to "Shambo", Russell continues his plan to vote out Laura. But after Laura wins immunity at the challenge, the plan has to change. Erik and John discuss things with the other guys and tell them to vote for Monica. But Jaison tells his former Foa Foa tribemates to vote for Erik, and all the girls agree. Both Erik and Russell go to Tribal Council with their immunity idol and Russell uses his, but it doesn't help him as he receieves no votes, and in the end, the other idol ends up being flushed out.moreless
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