Season 11 Episode 6

Big Ball, Big Mouth, Big Trouble

Full Episode: Big Ball, Big Mouth, Big Trouble


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At the challenge, Jeff announces that this week two contestants will be going home, and that the competition would determine which tribe receives reward and gets to participate in a second challenge in which one player is rewarded with individual immunity. The Nakum team members push a giant ball to victory, at one point causing an intense argument between Bobby Jon and Jamie. Yaxha is sent back to their camp while Nakum competes in the second challenge, where Judd inadvertantly helps Rafe secure himself immunity. Back at the Mayan ruins, Judd invites a disagreement when he drinks too many beers, and that comes into account at Tribal Council when the rivalry between he and Margaret comes to a head, resulting in Margaret's elimination. Later, Rafe is given the right to give one of the Yaxha members Immunity, but his choice of Gary turns out to have no impact on the results when everyone votes out Brian.moreless
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