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The former Upolu return from Tribal Council, and celebrate the fact that they have voted out all of the former Savaii. But Cochran knows that since he is not an original Upolu, he'll be next to go. The next morning, Sophie is frustrated with the way Cochran has played his game. Cochran later gathers the entire tribe and pleads his case to stay in the game. Coach agrees that perhaps they should keep Cochran around and discusses it with the others.

After the Redemption duel, Albert thinks he shouldn't have to doall of the housework around the campsite, some of the other tribe members pick up on this and complain that Albert doesn't do enough work. Later, Edna fights for her position on the tribe with Coach because she knows she will be voted out after Cochran goes. But Coach thinks nothing is certain.

Before the challenge, Coach takes Cochran aside to do some tai-chi in the hope of winning immunity. Later, Albert wins immunity and gives up a massage reward to Cochran. Afterwards, Albert and Cochran discuss a plan to vote out Rick if Edna and Coach agree to go along with the vote. Coach now has to choose if we wants to stay with his original Upolu alliance or go with Cochran's plan.

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