Season 10 Episode 10

Exile Island


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Janu has issues with Katie after she hears her talking behind her back, leaving everyone feeling uncomfortable and leaving her feeling alienated. Despite this, Janu is able to help in her team's victory at the Reward Challenge. Tom, Caryn, Gregg, and Janu win the first reward challenge of the new merge, but afterwards Janu can't seem to stomach the reward feast. Then, after being the first to lose the Immunity Challenge, Janu is forced to live on a beach on her own for one night. Despite feeling alienated by her tribe throughout the game, she comes back to Koror the next morning feeling happier. At Tribal Council, Stephenie knows she is next to go and makes a heartfelt and tearful plea not to be voted off. After thinking it over, Janu decides to leave the game, stating that it's better for her and in doing so, saves Stephenie from the vote. Janu becomes the 11th contestant to leave Palau.moreless
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