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Coach returns from Tribal Council not happy with the fact that Rob was voted out and hopes for a merge because he feels the Villains will now be weaker at challenges. The next day, J.T. finds the hidden immunity idol and shares it with the rest of the Heroes. Candice approaches Amanda to see if they can work together to get rid of J.T. and the idol. Later that day, both tribes meet for a challenge and while the Villains think they will merge, Jeff tells them this is not the case. After the Heroes win a reward, the Villains argue back at their campsite. Courtney and Sandra are singled out and know they are vulnerable for the vote. So Sandra comes up with a plan to make Russell think that Coach is out to get him. The Heroes win the Immunity Challenge and the Villains are divided between voting for Coach or Courtney. Danielle wants Courtney out because she is the weakest, but Russell believes that Coach may betray him.moreless
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