Season 23 Episode 6

Free Agent


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Savaii return from Tribal and Ozzy feels betrayed by his alliance so he announces that he is no longer in an alliance with anyone and tells his tribe he has the immunity idol. The next morning, the tribe thinks Ozzy should apologize for throwing a temper tantrum. Over on Upolu, Brandon looks for the immunity idol not knowing that "Coach" already has it.

After the Redemption Island duel, Sophie finds Christine very bitter about being voted out and thinks she has no allegiance for the Upolu tribe. Meanwhile, Edna tries her best to strengthen herties with "Coach" to stay safe. Back on Savaii, Ozzy apologizes to the tribe and approaches Keith in order to stay in the game.

At the Immunity Challenge, Savaii start off with some trouble, but ultimately win. The tribe spends time together at a natural water slide which unites them after such a rough morning. On Upolu, the tribe is figuring out who should be voted out next, Mikayla or Edna since neither of them were part of the original alliance of six.

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