Season 15 Episode 12

Going for the Oscar


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The survivors return from Tribal Council and are releaved that their plan to get rid of James was successful. Todd feels strong with his alliance of Denise, Amanda and Courtney and their plan to vote out Peih-Gee and Erik. At the Reward Challenge, the survivors are paired up with family members. Denise and her husband Robert win and choose Todd and Amanda to go along with them. Back at camp, Erik and Courtney don't believe Todd's story about his younger sister having a mis-carriage. After the family members leave, Peih-Gee confronts Denise about her decision to pick Todd and Amanda as she had previously felt upset with the decision. After Peih-Gee's Immunity Challenge win, Erik is the one who is lined up to be voted out next. But he and Peih-Gee approach Denise with a plan to go against her alliance and vote Todd out instead. As Tribal Council approaches, Denise still is unsure about who to vote for.moreless
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