Season 20 Episode 8

I'm Not A Good Villain


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The next morning as the Villains wake up, Rob says he is was really shocked by what happened at Tribal the night before. Rob and his alliance of Sandra and Courtney still want Russell out and since he is without an immunity idol, he is at his most vulnerable. Later that morning on the beach, Jerri approaches Russell and his alliance of Danielle and Parvati. They try to get Jerri on their side since she and Coach are not in a solid alliance with anyone. Later, the Heroes win a reward challenge and while they are on their reward win, a clue for a new immunity idol is revealed. They decide to look for the idol as a group. Back at the Villains beach, Russell, Coach and Jerri talk about being the final three. While Jerri believes it all, Coach doesn't. After the Heroes win the Immunity Challenge, the Villains are divided by their alliances. Rob's alliance is towards voting Russell, while Russell's alliance want Rob out. Coach and Jerri are in the middle of it all and can't decide what to do.moreless
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