Season 15 Episode 7

I'm Not as Dumb as I Look


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During the night on Fei Long, Jean-Robert addresses the feud between him and Courtney to the other tribemates. The next day on Zhan Hu, Peih-Gee wants James to trust her and the rest of the tribe. But while the others aren't looking, James goes straight for the second Immunity Idol and successfully finds it. Back on Fei Long, Todd and Courtney argue on Jean-Robert's presence in the tribe. Meanwhile on Zhan Hu, Jaime and Erik think they have found an Immunity Idol after James secretly removed and tossed away the incorrect plank of wood. Jaime keeps it in her bag just in case. Then at night, Jaime looks through James's bag and finds both Immunity Idols inside. The next morning, James realizes the other plank of wood is missing and predicts that the others have it thinking it's an Idol. Later that afternoon, both tribes meet and officially merge consisting of six original Fei Long members and four original Zhan Hu. The newly merged tribe then go on to enjoy Chinese culture and performances and a feast. After returning to camp they decide on the new tribe name, Hae Da Fung. Suddenly, Jeff shows up at the camp and leads the tribe to their first individual Immunity Challenge. In the time between the end of the challenge and Tribal Council, everyone on the tribe is scrambling and making plans as to who they are going to vote for and who will stick together as an alliance and who will play the Immunity Idol. At Tribal Council the vote is between Jaime and Jean-Robertmoreless
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