Season 24 Episode 12

It's Gonna Be Chaos


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When the tribe returns to camp, Kim is relieved that Troyzan is gone and Alicia feels she has all the power. The next morning the tribe receives video tree mail and a chance to spend time with loved ones at the Reward Challenge. During the reward, Kim feels taking Alicia and Kat to the finals is her best bet to win the money. Back at camp, Sabrina feels Kat made a selfish decision in not choosing Tarzan and Christina for the reward. This allows Chelsea to plant the seeds for a possible vote for Kat at the next Tribal Council. However, Kim feels that Sabrina should go next because she has the biggest chance at having the most jury votes. After the Immunity Challenge, Alicia feels that Kat should go because of her competitive nature, but Kim still wants to vote for Sabrina. At Tribal Council, there is a blindside and feelings will be hurt.

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