Season 24 Episode 13

It's Human Nature


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After returning from the last Tribal Council, Tarzan tries to persuade Kim to keep him around until the final four. The next morning, Chelsea feels the tribe is divided, three on three, so she tries to get Christina on her side. But when Christina tells the other women, it automatically makes her a target.

Chelsea wins the reward and takes Kim and Sabrina with her on a yacht. Back on the beach, Alicia and Christina are angry with Chelsea's pick and hatch a plan to vote her or Kim out and invite Tarzan to join the vote. But after Kim returns from the reward, she tells Alicia and Christina that Tarzan is out to get them, when in reality he is not.

Before Tribal Council, Alicia tells Tarzan that she is on board for voting out Chelsea, but isn't sure if she should believe the things that Kim tells her.

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