Season 14 Episode 4

Let's Just Call Jeff on the Jeff Phone


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On Ravu, Rocky feels upset after losing so many challenges. At the reward challenge, the tribes are thrilled to hear that one of them could win a king size bed.

Getting back to camp, Moto is thrilled with their reward. Meanwhile, Gary can't continue in the game and tells the medics that he should leave the game. It is offical...Gary has to leave Survivor: Fiji.

At the Immunity Challenge, Moto proves strong and undefeated and win yet again. A twist informs Moto that they can boot a member or move to Ravu's camp. They choose to boot a member. Immunity goes to Ravu for the first time.

Back at camp, voting decisions are discussed. Many of the tribe's members want to vote for Liliana. Alex thinks it stupid to do so.

With Moto's first Tribal Council, Liliana becomes the first person booted from the Moto tribe with a tribal council vote.moreless
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