Season 21 Episode 13

Not Sure Where I Stand


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"Sash" is now on the outs as he realizes that Chase, Holly and Jane are in an alliance and "Benry", Jud and Dan are in their own. So the next morning, "Sash" tells the guys he will play his idol at the next Tribal Council. Chase tells "Sash" it's smart to align himself with his alliance in hopes of joining a reward. But after Chase chooses Holly and Jane to join him at the reward, "Sash" considers joining "Benry", Jud and Dan. Before the Immunity Challenge, Chase and Holly confront "Sash" to see if he is still in their alliance. Then, "Benry" thinks about siding with Chase in an attempt to stay in the game and vote out Jud ("Fabio"). After "Sash" wins immunity he feels like he is in complete control since he also has the hidden immunity idol. Jud feels he is the next to go and "Benry" says he is willing to go back on his alliance to vote with Chase. Before Tribal Council, "Sash" tells Jane that he trusts her and that he's on her side.moreless
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