Season 19 Episode 12

Off With Their Heads


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After the vote for Laura, John explains to Monica why his vote went towards a former a Galu member. This does not sit well with Monica who says that John showed no loyalty and should be the next to go. The next morning, the tribe gets money in their tree mail for the Survivor Auction. At the auction, John buys a clue for the hidden immunity idol but when he looks for it, he can't find it and thinks that Russell may have already found it. Then, when the tribe decides to eat a chicken, "Shambo" takes charge of the cooking and argues with Dave. That night, "Shambo" has a dream that the tribe voted Dave out. She tells Russell about it and the plan to vote out Dave is born. After the Immunity Challenge, all of the former Foa Foa tribe are with "Shambo" to vote for Dave. But as Russell is talking to John, he thinks John is more of a threat and should be the one to go. Russell talks to Dave about his plan and tries to get others on board.moreless
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