Season 1 Episode 9

Old And New Bonds


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The former Pagong members finally realize that Tagi members Richard, Susan, Kelly, and Rudy have an alliance. Kelly becomes close with Jenna & Colleen, although she lies to them by telling them that there is no alliance. At the Reward Challenge, Colleen wins at a rope course and takes Jenna with her to a BBQ, because included with the food is a letter from home. As Jenna & Colleen eat, they decide to stick together and form an alliance, choosing to target Richard first. At the Immunity Competition, Rudy wins an event dealing with strategy. Jenna, who already knows that she will be receiving one vote at Tribal Council (from Sean's now-open alphabetical voting strategy), and sure enough, she becomes the second member of the jury when the Tagi alliance exploits Sean's voting scheme. The tribe has spoken.moreless
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