Season 27 Episode 3

Opening Pandora's Box


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Simmering family rivalries come to the forefront during an intense tribal challenge. One castaway's decision on what to do for the rest of the game has a tremendous impact on the remaining contestants.

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Oct 03, 2013
Tyson was the MVP and everyone who didn't feed into Coulton's antics
Oct 02, 2013
This is why I hate the Community feature that's being pushed here. If this was on the forum, I wouldn't have clicked on the thread for this episode until I had watched it, and so wouldn't have seen the text inside. However, in the Community, everything is just spilled out onto the page, so now I know that the next episode is going to have somebody quit (which was only speculated about previously), and I also know that the next person voted out will not see it coming, which will make the vote less of a surprise, since I'll know it's the person that didn't expect it that people were talking aboutpossiblyvoting out. I really don't like the Community feature, and I for one would prefer to keep things in the Forums section.moreless

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