Season 24 Episode 14

Perception Is Not Always Reality


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The final five return to their beach and Alicia is confident that her alliance with Kim and Christina will hold. The next morning, Sabrina and Kim get tree mail and discuss the options for a final three.

After Kim wins the first immunity, she tells Sabrina that the vote will be for Alicia and then tells Alicia and Christina that the vote is for Chelsea. At Tribal Council, everyone believes Kim is on their side.

When the final four return from Tribal, Christina realizes that Kim had been lying to her the whole time while Chelsea is thankful for Kim's loyalty. The next morning, Christina knows she needs immunity to stay in the game. After receiving tree mail, the women participate in the Rites of Passage ritual and head to their final Immunity Challenge.

When Kim wins the last Immunity Challenge, Christina wants to blatantly be told if she is the one to go. As a result, there is no last minute scrambling before the final Tribal Council. The next morning, Sabrina wakes up in the final three and is emotionally overwhelmed to be where she is. Afterwards, Kim, Chelsea and Sabrina enjoy a big breakfast and face the jury later that evening.

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