Season 21 Episode 4

Pulling the Trigger


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The morning after Tribal Council, Espada discover the aftermath of the heavy rainfalls in Nicaragua which prevent them from fishing in their normal spot. On La Flor, Brenda thinks she has the hidden immunity idol clues figured out. After telling NaOnka, the both of them find the idol. Meanwhile Kelly B. and Alina share their dislike of NaOnka and go on their own search for the already found idol. The next day, Espada discuss strategy for their next challenge but Jimmy T. and Marty don't agree with each other. La Flor win another combined reward/immunity challenge with the help of the medallion. Espada return to their camp and lament their loss but Jimmy T. still feels like he has not been allowed to contribute as much as he can. Back on La Flor, Chase finds a clue for the idol and when he shares it with Brenda, she tells Chase that NaOnka already has it. Over on Espada, everyone is searching for sea urchins while Jimmy T.'s comments continue to annoy and anger Marty. Some of the women feel Dan is the next weakest link, but Marty tries to get the others to vote out Jimmy T. instead.moreless
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