Season 1 Episode 3

Quest For Food


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At Pagong, Greg and Colleen continue to grow closer as the younger tribe members begin to grow more accustom to their island home. Meanwhile, across the island at Tagi camp, Stacey's raw attitude continues to annoy the rest of her tribemates, especially the elder members. While both tribes are on the verge of running out of rice, Tagi wins a reward challenge, giving them fishing equipment., leaving Pagong's only hope to eat the island's selection of rats. At the immunity challenge, a last minute decision to switch a weak Jenna into an athletic part of the challenge could have proven detrimental, but Pagong pulls through in the end. At tribal council, Stacey tries to shake things up by trying to recruit some of the older members to vote off Rudy, but in the end, only Kelly stays loyal, and a surprised Stacey is voted off. The tribe has spoken.moreless
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