Season 23 Episode 3

Reap What You Sow


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The morning after Tribal Council, both tribes choose two people to see the Redemption Island duel and when Christine sees "Coach", it gives her motivation to compete. After the duel, Brandon feels huge regret about lying to the others in order to try and vote Mikayla out. Brandon doesn't want to lie anymore and reveals to everyone on his tribe about his connection to Russell Hantz. But when Brandon argues with Mikayla in front of the others, the tribe start to wonder how similar he is to his uncle Russell. On Savaii, Ozzy feels Keith is a strong ally and tells him he has the idol. Keith then tells Whitney to try and gain her trust.

After Savaii lose the Immunity Challenge, Cochran and "Papa Bear" know they are the outsiders of the tribe and that either one will be voted out. After Ozzy tells Papa Bear that Cochran will be voted out, Papa Bear knows that's a lie andgoes on a desperate search for the idol. Although he doesn't find it, he makes a fake idol and tells everyone he has it. But Ozzy knows the truth since he already found the real idol.

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