Season 22 Episode 10

Rice Wars


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On Redemption Island, Matt, Mike and David are all wondering what their fate will be and how the jury will work out. The next morning on Murlonio, the former Zapatera members are eating a large portion of rice that belong to them. This angers Phillip who steals some of the rice for the former Ometepe members. Later at the Redemption Island "truel", Jeff announces that two people will stay in the game, while the third will join the jury. The tribe returns to their beach and Andrea finds maggots in the Ometepe rice supply. When Steve denies Andrea's request to put their clean rice in the Zapatera container, Phillip confronts him suggesting it's a racial issue. After the Immunity Challenge, Julie buries Phillip's shorts, forcing him to go to Tribal Council in his underwear. While the three former Zapatera members plan to vote out Phillip, Rob is unsure whether to consider Phillip for the vote.moreless
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