Season 10 Episode 4

Sumo at Sea


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Ulong arrived back to their camp, some still thinking about Jeff's departure. Ulong was really starting to get frustrated about losing all the time. When both tribes collected tree mail, they were told they would have to pick a member of their tribe as a representative. Coby volunteered, but it wasn't enough, as Koror voted Ian to represent them. Over at Ulong, they couldn't choose one so they decided to wait to find out what it was for. Jeff then arrived in a Home Depot boat and said Ian would get to select only a few tools to build a bathroom. The winning tribe for the best bathroom would have a construction crew come buy and build a shelter. Ian picked his tools and went to work. Meanwhile at Ulong, who still hadn't picked a representative yet, Jeffs tells them to hurry and choose. After quickly thinking, they decided to pick James. Jeff told them the challenge and reward and they went to work. Then Jeff arrived back with a production designer. After observing both tribes bathrooms, he selected Koror as the Reward winners and they built a new shelter for the tribe. After assembling for the Immunity Challenge, Jeff Probst explained that the tribes would face off in a series of one-on-one sumo-style battles. The Survivors would use padded duffle bags to knock their adversaries out of a ring and into the sea. The first tribe to win six bouts would take immunity. The woman of Ulong were doing pretty well. The men on the other hand weren't. But after Koror reached 5-2, Ulong started to catch up. It all came down to James and Coby. Coby had won their previous match. After facing in a long battle for immunity, Coby finally knocked James off the platform and won the 4th straight immunity win for Koror. Sending Ulong back to tribal council for the fourth time. Before Tribal, Steph and Angie felt like the woman were stronger than the men and were thinking about their 2 choices. Make the woman alliance and keep Kim around to weaken them, or vote off Kim and keep the men, who might weaken the tribe as well. But at Tribal Council, it was no surprise as Kim was voted off with a 5-1 vote.moreless
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