Season 19 Episode 9

Tastes Like Chicken


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After the tribe returns from Tribal Council, Russell is without an immunity idol and without confidence for the first time as he thinks he is out next. The next morning while Natalie is out for a walk, she find a rat and kills it for meat, surpring her tribemates. Meanwhile, Russell is convinced there is another idol somewhere and is determined to find it. Then, while some original Galu members are enjoying a reward, Russell sets out to find the second idol without any clues and surprisingly, he is successful. Later that afternoon, Russell shows the idol to "Shambu" and the two of them start a new alliance to vote out Laura. After the Immunity Challenge, Kelly is the target of a back-up plan. Russell then tells Jaison about the idol and Jaison tells the other former Foa Foa tribemates. Meanwhile, the former Galu members (minus "Shambo") are all in a tight alliance of their own and all agree to vote for Russell. As the Aiga tribe heads to Tribal Council, Russell is unsure about when to use his idol and the entire tribe seems split between the old Foa Foa and the old Galu.moreless
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