Season 24 Episode 6

Thanks for the Souvenir


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When the new Manono tribe return from Tribal, Alicia considers sticking with the guys on her tribe rather than the women and Colton isn't shy about insulting Christina and telling her that she is the next to be voted out. The next morning on Salani, Kat wonders if a dream she had about Alicia has a meaning of some kind.

Salani win the reward challenge, an opportunity to enjoy an ice cream parlour, while on Manono, Christina approaches Leif and Jonas to try and save herself. That night, Colton feels ill and Christina comforts him. The next morning, Tarzan thinks Colton has the symptoms of appendicitis. The medical team later inspect Colton and decide he needs to leave the game. After the removal of Colton, Jonas feels that now is the time to vote out Alicia.

Later, Salani and Manono receive tree mail and find out that both tribes will go to Tribal Council. Before leaving for Tribal, Tarzan tries to persuade Leif to vote for Christina, but Leif would prefer to vote out Alicia. When both tribes arrive at Tribal Council, Jeff informs Salani about Colton's evacuation and announces the merge.

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